Monday, May 30, 2011

'till I fall in love again

It has been a long time since I felt so genuinely loved. I am reaching my 27th birthday in a few days, now I am trying to pull myself together. It is truly rare, that someone I like, I adore, I lookup to, I care for, is the same person that I am romantically in love with.

I miss the time when I would kiss someone and I can feel his heart beat and I can feel every bit of passionate love through that kiss. I miss the time where every touch means a lot. I miss being held, I miss being loved back, I miss being needed. I miss the feeling of having someone who loves me so deeply, and I feel the same for that man. I miss love on a two way street.

I have moved on. But I long for that someone, who can read my mind, can feel my heart beat, and listens to what I say. I long for someone that looks at the same direction as I am, and at the same time inspires me to be a better person, to learn more about life and how it is to be alive. Someone who loves me and make me feel loved, no matter how far apart we are, and no matter if we see each other within a week or two.

I made myself believe I am okay that I am alone. I am okay with it, but I do not want to linger in being alone for long. It might just make me so hard, and so numb. It does feel good to have a sense of independence from a lot of things. But doesn't it feel good to let go and fall into the arms of that man you love and who loves you back the same way?

Just a thought... a realization and acceptance... Friends and family are always there and ready to give us love. But nothing in this world, can compare to the gentle warmth and ecstasy of being in love and knowing you are truly loved back.

I am alone, I am lonely, I long for that warmth of that one special love. But until I fall in love again, I have to remain strong, stand up, and walk alone.

Written on: 11/12/09 08:26 AM
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