Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2046, a movie review

This is the second time I have watched this movie since I was in college. It was quite odd at first and I have to watch it again this time to finally get what this movie is all about.

I just finished watching the movie, so I thought to write about it before I watch the next movie on my playlist, supposedly Pan's Labyrinth, but I think I want to watch Dancer in the Dark instead. It's an original VCD copy... So I am yet to find out what's the quality going to be like when played on my TV. I had problems in the past playing VCD's on my TV. They are either blurry or the screen won't entirely fit the monitor. Anyway, back to the movie...

There is one very noticeable aspect on how Wong Kar Wai (director) focuses on the scenes. The subject on most scenes are not centered at all, he has either half of the screen filled with blank and dark spaces or some background of sort. The subjects are either at the far right or far left of the screen... He does this on very emotional scenes. probably to let the audience focus more on the emotions and on the actor rather than on the vivid background or setting. The story is all about love, finding it, ignoring, and breaking it. The protagonist or the main character who is a writer, was sometimes also the antagonist... Well, towards one particular character anyway, who was so crazy inlove with him, but he just simply can't fall inlove for her. Wherein, comes some additional characters (more women) into the story. All of whom he has feelings for, but they never did for him. The story is full of heartaches. It also shows how broken a seemingly strong person can be when love comes in to his life. The character escapes from his reality into the novel he is writing, involuntary incorporating the people in his real life to his novel.

The movie is visually exhilarating, with some photography techniques used that I don't know what they are called of. The plot is depressing, and the actors are good and well known, good looking and skinny. Makes me want to be more skinny. The movie might be dragging for people who wants a lot of sex, action, or some ubber romantic scenes... It has sex, but no romance, no action. It is not a chick flick either. But if you want visuals, good cinematography, a depressing plot, a creative setting and you want to wonder so many "whats" along the movie... Then you will love this one. As I watched along, I couldn't help myself but to continuously wonder what were the characters thinking.... But I was able to feel the emotions all throughout the movie.

That's all. Off to my next movie... Fight Club. I've taken Pans Labyrinth of my list.

Fight Club... One of my favorite movies I will never get tired of watching... If you like politics, communism, and if you have angst against the world... You better watch this film. It has a few lessons to learn about, something to think after watching it.

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  1. I hope you have finally watched Pan's Labyrinth. It has a very nice visual feel to it. And I've been a fan of Guillermo del Toro (both Hellboy movies) since.

  2. 2046 never heard this movie. i'm wondering the connection of 2046 to the story.

  3. @Juan: Yep, I love that movie!

    @Diamond: 2046 is a significant number to the movie, it is not only rthe room where the protagonist stays but also the year 2046 where his novel is set.

  4. Dancer in the Dark is a great movie. My friend let me watched it some years ago. Loved Bjork in that movie