Sunday, September 16, 2012

The New Jam 88.3

The other week, there were rumors that Jam 88.3 is going to change their format to a masa radio station.  So I checked online to see how true the rumors were; some blogs did say that Jam 88.3 was going to change their format, but to what, it was unknown at that time. Until one afternoon, while I was listening to Jam, a commercial said that they will "be new" on September 11. So the rumors were true, but to what kind of format, (still) I did not know. How I hoped that they will not be joining the masa radio station bandwagon, because they are already great as they were.

So I waited until September 11, and when I listened on that day, I thought,  nothing has changed. A few days later... (As of this writing, I am currently listening to A Different Sunday). I noticed, that they changed the schedules of their popular programs such as Republik from Saturdays to Sundays from 6AM to 6PM, right after that is A Different Sunday. However, I was not able to catch the schedules of some of their old radio shows nor the new ones if they have any. The radio station did somehow change their format after-all, they are now playing more songs from bands that I haven't heard of or from bands who are only popular to hardcore music nerds and hardcore alternative music fanatics, they are now playing more songs from indie bands (I think).

Jam 88.3, you are truly a beacon of good alternative taste in the music airwaves, specially during (these) Sundays! Keep it up! However, I am still yet to hear what really is the change, or whatever has been changed.


  1. I hope Jam makes a full throttle, A different Sunday should last from 6 pm to 6 am come Monday. ^_^

  2. Hi, are you still alive?

  3. Mamamatay ka na siguro... di ka na nagpopost.

  4. namatay ka na siguro. di ka na nagpopost eh. =(