Monday, July 25, 2011

My 10th day of ARV trial treatment: The side effects

It has been 10 days since I took my first three pills of ARVs. My cocktail is Nevirapine (200mg) + Lamivudine(150mg)/Zidovudine(300mg). I have been following a very strict hypoallergenic diet, strictly no smoking, and complete sleep all the time. No physical manifestations of the side effects so far, no rashes, no skin redness, etc. There were however some mild side effects that I experienced, like: fatigue, and increased food intake.

I experienced fatigue when I decided to jog for half a kilometer last week. I don't usually get so tired for such an activity, but this is different. After going home from my jog, then taking a shower, resting, etc. I went to bed and woke up late in the afternoon. I can barely get up, I felt so exhausted, my body felt so heavy and tired, I tried standing but my knees seemed too weak. I just stayed in bed all day and had food delivered. I almost crawled just to answer the door when the food delivery guy came. The next day, the same feeling lingered. Although not as worse as the previous day, but I still felt tired and so weak. I can only stand for a few minutes, although I managed to prepare meals for myself. I can get up, and walk around my condo, but I end up on my bed within a few minutes. Next day again, I felt great! I feel energized, like I rested for more than a day. When I went to SLH for my check-up, I told the doctors what happened, and they said it is part of the side effects, I shouldn't have forced myself to jog in the first place; because that activity triggered the side effect.

Nevirapine is only supposed to be taken once a day, everyday at 8am; then after 14 days, it will be taken twice a day, 1 pill at 8 PM and again at 8 AM. Last Friday, while I was in the train on my way to work, while I was listening to the radio through my phone. I wondered, "did I forget something, it's 8:20 PM and I should have taken something". I looked at my phone and for a second or two I realized that the alarm failed! I unzipped my bag and look for the pill container that has Nevirapine, I found the small pink plastic container, opened it up, took a pill and popped it in my mouth as quickly as I can and drank water. After I swallowed the pill, I realized that nothing was wrong, that pill was supposed to be drank the next day at 8 AM not 8 PM. My next pill is at 9 PM, there was no alarm to go off in the first place. So there, since that day moving forward, I have been taking Nevirapine twice a day, no physical side effects so far. So instead of 14 days trial for that pill, it was cut short to 7. I haven't told my doctors yet. Based on what I found out online, the reason why there is a 14 day for Nevirapine is because of its fatal skin rash side effect and to give the body, specially the liver time to adjust to the toxicity. I will report this incident to my doctors this week. It's just common sense, if I accidentally doubled the dosage within the trail period but it will doubled afterwards, I might as well go on with it. Instead of doubling the dose on one day then going back to the normal trial dosage. Its like bringing battle tanks to fight the enemy then withdrawing it and replaced by armed foot soldiers; such lowering of dosage might lead to treatment failure.

For the past two days, I have been awfully drowsy every after lunch at work. Yesterday, after eating lunch (packed lunch) which was not so heavy at all. I felt so sleepy that I just can't help but to tell my teammate that I will be sleeping for a bit. Earlier, I felt so drowsy that I accidentally slept at my workstation. I am yet to know what is causing these incidents. I am never like this at work, not when I have enough sleep.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movie Review: Once

This movie seemed to be shot with no pre-conceptualized idea on what the story is about or how it will be presented in a film. It seemed like someone just picked up a video camera, ask random strangers to act; and that's it. Which is exactly what made it so amazingly real. So real, that even if it is a musical, it doesn't seem like it was a musical at all. There were no impromptu dance acts or song numbers. The songs sung in the movie are how they are meant to be sung in the real world. Like how you and me would sing it in a proper place; like in your room, in my living area, or in your head while walking alone at night from somewhere.

The cameras were obviously handheld and they shot it on location with real random people as backgrounds or extras. You will notice in some scenes that there are people in the background that looks at the camera with a big question mark on their faces. The technique used in this movie like blending in with the random crowd, made it more real and raw, as if you were spying on the two characters. The character's name weren't even mentioned at all in the movie. What troubled me while watching it were the dialogues, the actors were Irish and sometimes they were hard to understand, harder than the British accent.

The songs are nice, so nice that if you listen to the songs carefully while watching the movie you will definitely be stirred and will be able to dig more deeper in the character's story. The lyric's of the songs are light and easy to the ears, no deciphering of any kind to understand their meaning or message. As you watch the movie, you can tell when the singing will happen. It can be on the streets because one character is a street singer, but aside from there you can definitely tell when another song number will occur. It's real, because anyone can do it, anyone can relate on how they sing and how they act, think, and interact with one another. Okay not everyone, because only real life musicians will be able to truly relate to any of the characters. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful movie that most can relate to taking away the singing parts.

No heavy drama in this movie, no heavy acting either, no conflict, no barrier, no antagonist. Perhaps there were conflicts or conflict but it was the story itself, unfolding. This movie is like a peek into a story of a guy meets girl and how things go, literally. The guy gets to know the girl, guy gets to know the family, girl and guy gets to know each other more, etc, etc. Typical girl and guy gets to know each other story, but wait, there' more; this is not your ordinary love story movie. There are no mushy scenes, no kisses, no intimacy, no love scenes, no giggly moments, but definitely it made me smile. This movie does not have the mushy-giggle factor of most romantic movies or chick flicks have. Songs in this film are brilliantly written and soulful. Everything in this movie is just so subtle, so ordinarily made, but definitely this is not an ordinary flick that you will watch only once.

Sunday, July 17, 2011




The head
The Head



I've always wanted to have a guitar, always. I have been long holding back. I went for it, now I have what I want. In time, with learning and growth; my poetry will have melodies and music will be born. 

Hyacinth - A very beautiful prince of Sparta, who was Apollo's lover. While Apollo and him were playing, Hyacinth had an accident, causing his death.  Apollo did not let Hades claim the boy, instead, he made flowers out of his spilled blood and the flowers were stained with Apollo's tears. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first day on ARVs: The beginning of a lifetime.

July 15, 2011, Tuesday. Today is my first day of taking ARVs. I was supposed to finish my shift at 7 AM, but because I have to finish a lot of stuff and I am on Vacation leave for a week, I have to make sure all things are good and everything have been properly endorsed. So I stayed at work until brunch time. It was 7 AM, my phone alarmed telling me it's time to eat. I wandered in our pantry, only to find out it was full of foods that I am not supposed to eat. The nearby McDonald's is definitely a no no because of all the processed meat. I went to Starbucks to check out the sandwiches, all have cheeses in them. I moved on to Seattle's best, all have cheeses in them too! Yesterday I ate there and ordered a pesto pasta and asked the attendant to make sure not to put parmesan on the dish. I then went to two 711s to buy some siopao, and there was none, I was able to buy siopao and a piece of banana from the 3rd 711 store two blocks away from our office building. It took me 20 minutes just to look for something to buy for breakfast or dinner, whatever.

8 AM, my phone alarmed again, I was sitting at my workstation; it's time for Nevirapine. Good thing my water bottle was ready, I took my bag and peeked inside to look for the bottle, I carefully opened it, took a pill and felt it rolling on my fingers. As I felt its texture and played around with it for a little bit, its path on my fingers left a fine white powder. The pill was coarse, rough, big, and fragile. It felt like that I can break it into pieces with just little effort. I popped it in my mouth and gulped a mouthful of water. I felt it go down in me, and I waited for any effect to be felt. almost an hour has gone by, and I was very paranoid.

9 AM, it's time for Lamivudine/Zidovudine. it's a two in one pill, two medicines in one medium sized white pill, that is a little smaller than Nevirapine, and it is smoother and it felt smooth to touch. After gulping it down with water. I waited, and waited. Until I was ready to go home, I felt nothing. I waited a bit outside our office building, sat there for while looking at the sun soaked busy street full of passing taxi cabs, luxury cars, and the hurrying day workers in tight and well pressed office attire. Another hour passed by again, and still, I felt nothing.

I was on my home, in the bus, I felt this rumbling in my stomach. I was hungry. Moments later, I found myself in the cool and long aisles of SM Fairview, doing a little bit of shopping.I ate hungrily at Mang Inasal, I ordered pork barbecue and did not bother to even fix the sauce for it. I had two and a half cups of rice. I was so full, and I went home.

At home, I unpacked all the stuff that I bought, tidied up the plastic bags, took a shower, slept. My dad came knocking on the door around past 4 PM. Asked a few questions on how I was doing, and offered to accompany me to the market, I said not now, I'm very sleepy. We talked for a bit and he went home. I slept again.

My phone alarmed, it was already 7PM, I have to eat. I went down to the nearby canteen and I found porkchops, fried. I ordered a piece and two cups of rice. I went back to my condo, watched cable, then my phone alarmed, it was 9 PM, time for another pill. As I wait for any effects, I went to browse a few stuff online and even checked some important emails and replied to a few correspondents.

As of this writing, it is already 12:04 AM, July 16, Saturday. It has been 16 hours since my first pill, and I still feel nothing significantly noticeable or new. I have a few itchy spots here and there, no redness, no bumps; so it might just be the heat.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Independent

It is such a turn on when a man takes the lead and when he is driven; those who are, often have strong character. However, being with someone having subtlety with such strength of character is a bliss to be with. A man who knows what he wants and goes for it, but knows when to slow down and compromise, definitely gains such admiration. Independence is such a big turn on: when he pay his own bills, when he paid for everything he has, when he wishes to do what he wants without depending on someone to be with, one who can be alone and be okay without getting depressed, when he leads from the rest of society, when he shines from the rest without being all over himself. One major turn; when a man knows what he can do and can do it great, but doesn't lifts his own chair for praise.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Of gay labels, labeling, and stereotyping

I'm gay, I'm out, I'm proud, but not hysterically loud. I am often the victim of stereotyping, there are times where I have to explain that there are many "genres" of gay men. During times of getting stereotyped, I say loudly in my head that "it doesn't mean I'm gay that I want to be a girl in whatever way". In my own opinion, being gay is not just gender or sexual preference, but a lifestyle. There are gay men who are flamboyant, who are girly, there are many who are extremely manly but listens to Kylie and squeals like Mariah Carey. There are those who are a bit effeminate or girly but are into indie. The point is, it doesn't mean that one is gay, it automatically means that they view themselves as a woman at heart or deep inside, or they have to be girly, or they have to wear all sorts of gay stuff. I puke(figuratively) at thoughts of me wearing makeup or of imagining myself being a girl or the girl being fucked by gorgeous men in a straight porn, no, I am not like that. I love every inch of my manliness.

With regards to labels, I know most of the time that it is necessary to describe oneself or others. However, some labels have mutated to ridiculous levels that I can no longer comprehend. During the 90s there were only gay men and straight men. Then there were categories invented for gay men, there were effeminates and manly as well as trannies. Now, there are even: Straight-Tripper, Bi-Curious, Straight-Curious, etc; what the fuck are those? Labels are such a hassle to use and such an annoyance to hear, in my world at least. Were those labels invented out of need not use the word gay? Why are there gay men afraid to be labeled as gay or even use the word gay to describe themselves if they are one. Instead , they choose to use those ridiculously mutated senseless words.

I'm sure most gay men have online gay community profiles and get hookups that way. I'm sure and correct me if I'm wrong, that you have encountered such people who uses those crazy terms to market themselves. When you meet them in person, either they are as flamboyant as Boy George or as outrageous as Lady Gaga with a dick and no boobs. Another widely wrongly used word is bisexual. There was an era where that word rampaged the online world. Bisexuals are real, they do exist. In my understanding, bisexuals are individuals with tastes for both sexes. In men, you are not a bisexual if you like dicks yet you cannot get "soldier boy" to stand up in front of a naked woman, or shiver with disgust by the mere sight of it or of their little orchid. Why not gay men just be gay? During online correspondence, why are we afraid when someone describes himself as gay, why are most of us taken aback with such a description? Why not throw away the labels? They have no use after all, specially after that dreaded meet-up when all aesthetics and labels just drop on the floor. After all, some of the most important words in the gay dating world is not really about how one acts, but... "are you top or bottom"?

Unless you already have surgically removed your dick from your groin, we are men who likes men. We are gay. Drop the labels and respect individuality, don't be scared to take a stand on what you are.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HIV/AIDS Management: preparing for ARV treatment (part 3)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011, H4 Ward San Lazaro Hospital, Manila. It was the final day of the ARV treatment counseling. My dad, Jay, and I were all waiting patiently at the ward's entrance. My name was called at around 2 PM, I was the first patient to be counseled. At the table near the back of the doctor's clinic area, awaits 4 doctors. 2 dermatologists; one dermatologist looks like an Indian while the other one is an old Chinese mestizo, the doctor who counseled me who is infectious disease specialist was there, and one of the most tenured doctor in H4 ward who is also an infectious disease specialist took the lead; all were waiting for me. Papers were preparedly piled, booklets as well as handouts. I introduced myself, Jay, and my dad to the lead doctor and we all sat at the other end of the table, me sitting next to the lead doctor. The doctor then told me that this is the final stage of the counseling and we will review what I have learned during the first two sessions, making sure that I already fully understand the processes of HIV treatment. Below are the questions and what I answered as well as few of the discussions.

Lead doctor: What are ARVs for?
Me: They are medicines that inhibit the replication of HIV viruses inside the CD4 cells. There are what we call protease inhibitors and others that blocks the virus from getting the cell's DNA, stopping the virus from replicating itself.
Lead doctor: What are CD4 cells and what they do?
Me: CD4 cells are helper cells, a kind of antibody that tells other antibodies that there are invading bodies inside the system.
Lead doctor: What are the relevance between CD4 cells and HIV?
Me: The HIV virus needs the CD4 cells for it to multiply, as they go inside the cell and replicate, the CD4 cell dies. It goes on and on, repeating the process.
Lead doctor: Name three types of ARVs and one significant side effect of each.
Me: Nevirapine - rashes that may lead to Steven Johnson disease; Efavirenz - dizziness, Lamivudine/Zidovudine - anemia.
Lead doctor: How long are you required to undergo treatment?
Me: For a lifetime.
Lead doctor: What are the purposes of taking ARVs?
Me: To prolong a patient's life, to raise up my CD4 level, to lower a patient's viral load down to undetectable.
Dermatologist 2: What are difference between adherence and conformance?
Me: Conformance is doing what is needed as directed or conforming to what is needed to be done. Adherence is doing what is needed on time.
Dermatologist 2: What are the intervals in-between and taking each type of pill?
Me: 12 hour intervals between each dosage and 1 hour apart for each type.
Dermatologist 2: Name the ARVs and when you are supposed to take it.
Me: Nevirapine once a day at 8pm, Lamivudine/Zidovudine twice a day every 12 hours, so that will be 9pm and 9am.
Dermatologist 2: If you are 30 minutes late in taking your medicines are you going to double the dosage?
Me; No.
Dermatologist 2: Nevirapine will be increased to what dosage and when?
Me: Twice a day 12 hours apart, 8pm and 8am after two weeks of no violent side effects.
Dermatologist 2: Are you depressed?
Me: During the first few weeks of diagnosis of course I was, but I am okay now.
Dermatologist 1: What will be the trigger for you to be confined here?
Me: If there will be rashes or diarrhea or any severe side effect.
Dermatologist 1: Is it okay for you to be confined here?
Me: No.
Dermatologist 2: Are you sexually active?
Me: Not at all.
Dermatologist 2: Were you sexually active?
Me: Not even.
Dermatologist 1: Does your partner know?
Me: When I had one, yes.
Lead doctor: Do you practice safe sex?
Me: I haven't had sex for along time, I'm not active at all, if ever I do, of course I will.
Dermatologist 1: What diet are you practicing, if any?
Me: Yes I am, the hypoallergenic diet, and I was hoping rice would be on the list.
Dermatologist 2: You are overweight. Once you have settled to a particular combination of medicines your next goal is to lose unwanted weight. You are two times prone to heart diseases compared to uninfected obese individuals. Right now, you watch what you eat, be extra careful. No smoking nor drinking.
Me: Is it okay to take glutathione?
Dermatologist 1: For what?
Me: To clean my liver before I take my first pill. I do believe that the medicines are already toxic and may stress the liver.
Dermatologist 1: Its effects aren't clinically proven, so we don't recommend you do it.
Dermatologist 2: If you want to take care of your liver, stop smoking and stop drinking.
Lead doctor: Also, no multivitamins for now and nothing of any type of food and herbal supplements.
Lead doctor: If your CD4 goes up as high as 1000, are you supposed to stop ARVs and why?
Me: No, because the ARV's purpose is to set a block for the HIV and the CD4 cells. If I stop taking ARVs that block or wall will be stopped, enabling the virus to get a hold of a CD4 cell and start replicating again.
Lead doctor: What will happen if you stop taking ARVs at any given time?
Me: The virus might or will develop resistance to the medicines and I may have or will need to take the 2nd line of ARVs.

Those were some of the questions and discussions during the last part of the counseling. I felt like I was in a panel interview or I was a student presenting a report to a panel of professors with my friend and dad as audiences. I was kind of nervous answering their questions, afraid that I may answer a wrong one. I even felt that I was graded! Dermatologist 2, was very strong in his statements and has a strong command of words. Dermatologist 1, was the quiet type, the counselor doctor was quiet the whole time, the lead doctor, she was already my doctor in my previous visits, she has a very strong character.

After the almost hour long discussion and reviews, the lead doctor prepared the papers for enrollment, my enrollment for ARVs, she said delightfully "alright, you are indeed ready to be enrolled". Then dermatologist 2 said "I think you more than ready, you are happy". I replied, "I am very much ready and being happy is my choice. I am even excited to start the treatment!". There were a couple of papers to sign and Jay and my dad has to sign as well, as witnesses. I was given a booklet that looks like a bank passbook, it will record the ARVs I get from the pharmacy. After we signed the papers the lead doctor told us to proceed to the pharmacy and get the medicines. I shook her hand as well as the other doctors and thank them for a wonderful discussion. The three of us then headed out of the ward to get my medicines then off to a late lunch at SM San Lazaro.

Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HIV testing centers in the Philippines & why you should get tested

There is a famous saying "what you don't know won't hurt you", that's bull****. What you don't know, can kill you. There has been quite a number of deaths in San Lazaro Hospital whose causes were because of late diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. They weren't able to save themselves, neither the doctors.

Here are 3 reasons why you must know your status:

1.) To be able to save your own life - Early diagnosis is the key to live long if ever you have HIV. If you have HIV and you know it, you have a choice to either change your lifestyle and start doing some self-preservation action plans or just throw everything out of the window and live like a rockstar, but you will surely not die like one.

2.) To be able to protect others - If ever you have HIV, you will also have the power to stop it from spreading. "HIV stops with me", as the famous slogan says.

3.) To have peace of mind - There is bliss from a peaceful mind knowing you are not carrying a virus that destroys your immune system. There is pride in knowing that your are "clean".

So do yourself a favor, for your own good and for the benefit of your partner or future partners as well as for others that you love. Get tested.

Below is a list of all the public HIV/AIDS testing centers in the Philippines.


Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Lucielle Ayuyao – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: 1-20 Cristina Drive, Villa Teresa Subd. Angeles City / (045) 3222979 Mobile # 0915-9872100
Baguio City
Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC)
Dr. Manuel C. Factora – Medical Center Chief; Dr. Maria Lorena L. Santos – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Gov. Pack Rd. Baguio City /(074) 4423165; 4424080; 5236077; 5234103; 4428342 Mobile # 09175072326
Cagayan Valley
Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC)
Dr. Emmanuel F. Acluba – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Teresita Reyes – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Cagayan Valley, Tuguegarao City / (078) 3213561 – 64; 3213560;8053560 Mobile #: 09176280924
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Zenaida Calupaz – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Mabini St. Calocan Health Dept. / 2888811 local 2281 Mobile # 09176018331
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Research Institute of Tropical Medicine (RITM)
Dr. Remigio M. Olveda – Executive Director; Dr. Rossana A. Ditangco – Head, HIV Research Unit / Add: Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City / 8072628 -32; 8072636; 8097599; 8422245; 8072628 local 414 /208 Mobile # 0927510028
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Imelda Tamayo – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Brgy. 10, City Health Office, Tupaz, Laoag City / (077) 7720289 Mobile # 09189797491
Legaspi City, Albay
Bicol Regional Training & Teaching Hospital (BRTTH)
Dr. Rogelio G. Rivera – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Anna Lynda Bellen Add: Legaspi City, Albay / (052) 4830017; 4830886; 4830015 Mobile #: 09177935692
Makati City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Calixto Salud – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: JP Rizal St. Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City / 8701615
Mandaluyong City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Yolanda TuaƱo – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Maysilo Circle, Mandaluyong City / 5467799; 2115336 Mobile #: 09178424298
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Diane Mendoza – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: San Lazaro, Sta. Cruz, Manila / 7116942 Mobile #: 0920-5779074
Marikina City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Honielyn Fernando – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Marikina City / Mobile #: 09178298862
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Loretta Garcia – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Pasay City Health Office / 5514180 Mobile #: 09228915674
Pasig City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Rocylene Roque – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Caruncho Avene. Brgy. San Nicolas, Pasig City / 6400111
Puerto Galera
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Ginalyn Caguete – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Rural Health Clinic, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro / (043) 4420182 Mobile #: 09272383989
Puerto Princesa
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Eunice Herrera – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Puerto Princesa, Palawan / (043) 4658182 Mobile #: 09272383989
Quezon City, Batasan
Batasan Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Dottie Mercado – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Batasan Hills, Quezon City / Mobile #: 09053576353
Quezon City, Bernardo
Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Suzette Encisa – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Bernardo Clinic, Quezon City / Mobile #: 09164781607
Quezon City, Project 7
Project 7 Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Monina Santos – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Project 7 , Quezon City / Mobile #: 09186184133
Quiricada St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
San Lazaro Hospital (SLH)
Dr. Arturo Cabanban – Medical Center Chief; Dr. Rosario Jessica Tactacan – Abrenica – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / 3099528-29; 7438301 local 6000 Mobile #: 09175359380
San Fernando, La Union
Ilocos Training and regional Medical Center (ITRMC)
Dr. Francisco A. Valdez – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Jimmy Mynardo Mendigo – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: San Fernando, La Union / (072) 7001766; 7003766 Mobile #: 09204124478
San Fernando, Pampanga
Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center
Dr. Venancio S. Banzon – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Edwin Pasumbal – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Brgy. San Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga / (045) 961392; 9613380 Mobile #: 09274040365
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Robelyn Vera Go – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician Add: City Health Office, San Andres, Santiago City / (078) 6827687 Mobile #: 09194626389
Sta. Cruz Manila
Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRMMC)
Dr. Christine Villaroman / Quiricada St. Sta. Cruz, Manlia / Mobile #: 09228245216
Sta. Cruz Manila
MEDI – Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Dr. Ma. Luisa M. Date / Add: Bldg. 14, DOH compound Sta. Cruz, Manila / 7438301 local 1702
Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila
Philippine General Hospital (PGH)
Dr. Rolando Enrique Domingo – Director; Dr. Jodor Lim – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader; Ms. Dominga C. Gomez SAGIP Unit / Add: Taft Avenue, Manila / 5261705; 5673394 Mobile #: 09396258730
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Josefina Chua – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Tugegarao City / (078) 8462197 Mobile 09175745050


B. Rodriguez St., Cebu City 6000
Vicente Sotto, Sr. Memorial Medical Center (VSSMC)
Dr. Gerardo M. Aquino – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Regina Melodia – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: B. Rodriguez, Cebu City / (032) 2539882; 2539982; 2537564; 2532592 Mobile #: 09193473658
Cebu City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Ilya Tac –an – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Dept. Bldg., Gen. Maxilom Ext., Cebu City / (022 3659962 Mobile #: 09173291663
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Odetta Villaruel – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician Address: Iloilo City (033) 3208151 Mobile #: 09215694450
Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital
Dr. Epifania S. Simbul – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Criselda E. Bacolor – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Lacson St. Bacolod City / (034) 4351591;4332697; 2080094 Mobile #: 09228608876
Lapu-Lapu Ciy
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Rodolfo C. Berame – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician
Mandaue City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Edna Seno and Dr. Debra Maria Catulong – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician
Q. Abeto St., Mandurriao, 5000 Iloilo City
Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC)
Dr. Jose Mari C. Fermin – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Ray Celis – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Manduriao St. Iloilo City / (033) 3211797; 3212802; 3211420; 3212841 to 50 Mobile #: 09189401217

Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Jesus Chin- Chui – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Butuan City / (085) 3423432; 815111 local 1039
Davao City
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Jordana Ramitere – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: City Health Office, Magallanes St. Davao City / (222) 4187 Mobile #: 09209102718
Davao City
Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) (Note: former Davao Medical Center DMC )
Dr. Leopoldo J. Vega – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Alicia Layug – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: JP Laurel St. Bajada, Davao City / (227) 2731 Mobile #: 09204241721
Davao City
Davao Regional Hospital
Ms. Telesfora A Hinay – Add: Apokon, Tagum City / (082) 2218593;2279536; 4003653;
General Santos
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr. Mely Lastimoso – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: General Santos City Hospital / (083) 3051510 Mobile #: 09088877512; 09198483116
Social Hygiene Clinic
Dr Kibtiya Uddin – Social Hygiene Clinic Physician / Add: Petit Barracks, Zone 4C, Cty Health Office, Zamboanga City / Mobile #: 09274836672
Zamboanga City
Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC)
Dr. Romeo A. Ong – Chief of Hospital; Dr. Jejunee Rivera – HIV AIDS Core Team Leader / Add: Zamboanga City / (062) 9910573; 9912934; 9920154 Mobile #: 09204241721