Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. Independent

It is such a turn on when a man takes the lead and when he is driven; those who are, often have strong character. However, being with someone having subtlety with such strength of character is a bliss to be with. A man who knows what he wants and goes for it, but knows when to slow down and compromise, definitely gains such admiration. Independence is such a big turn on: when he pay his own bills, when he paid for everything he has, when he wishes to do what he wants without depending on someone to be with, one who can be alone and be okay without getting depressed, when he leads from the rest of society, when he shines from the rest without being all over himself. One major turn; when a man knows what he can do and can do it great, but doesn't lifts his own chair for praise.


  1. which then is a major turn on? his being independently great? or his humility?

    i prefer the latter. :)

  2. hiring yata tayo ah. hehe, tama ba?

  3. @Leo: One can be independently great without saying, humility is a big factor 'though.

    @Alter: Ahem... :-)