Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 songs and cigarette sticks

Ten songs I chose to listen to
Ten songs to ease the distance of two
Longing for something I may not have
My heart bleeds and is broken in half

Cigarette sticks I need as a breathe
To carry on this pain I have underneath
This sad and dark journey I have to undertake
Hopefully will end soon before I break

Cigarette sticks and these songs
Help me see and undo all these wrongs
Cigarette sticks and these songs
Help me pass this week fast and show me where one belongs

1.) "Whatever it takes" - Lifehouse
2.) "The trouble with me" - Skin
3.) "Lost" - Skin
4.) "Burnt like you" - Skin
5.) "It's not over" - Secondhand Serenade
6.)"Your call" - Secondhand Serenade
7.)"Stay close, don't go" - Secondhand Serenade
8.) "Apple and cinnamon" - Utada
9.)"Heart Station" - Utada
10.) "Stay" - Lisa Loeb

...and a hell lot of cigarettes to help me pass by the coming week.

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