Monday, May 16, 2011

I just watched Slumdog Millionaire

It was a hot and humid Sunday night although it was raining. I have to shut my windows to prevent rain from spattering inside my condo. I'm on vacation, so I decided not to check my work email yet, instead watch DVD movies. I prepared two DVD's on my small Japanese table beside my computer keyboard. One was Slumdog Millionaire, the other was Casshern. I decided to watch Slumdog Millionaire first because I haven't watched it yet.

Oh by the way, yes, I have a pirated copy, somebody lent it to me. But anyways, back to the movie...

I will not write reviews about the movie, because a lot has been written about it. But instead... How I felt afterwards and what I have realized. The movie is of course about a boy who lived in the slums of India and how dreams can come true. The movie is set mostly in the slums, which was worst than what we have here in the country. It made me think that India, a country we envy because of their technicality and how they conquered the Outsourcing world, could have such slums. Most of the slum areas here in Manila even have somewhat decent and private restrooms. India and the Philippines have so much in common when it comes to the people living in the slums. The petty criminals depicted in the movie are so much like what we have here... I am not sure if we have crime organizations who uses children to beg for private profit... I heard we have, but no confirmed reports so far... Or I have been not watching nor reading the news.

The movie well depicted how it is to be living in the slums and to be that poor. The crowded streets, the tight alleyways, the lack of privacy due to rooms that are so small and close to eachother. The foul smell, the nosy neighbors, the dirty and unsafe environment. But somehow, if one belongs to such neighborhood or live there, one is safe, people protect their kind. It's like a fraternity of some sort.... I am pertaining in Manila. But whichever part of the globe we go, poverty may be the same or more cruel. It is a problem that a lot of countries face toughly.

Us Filipinos should appreciate our country's stature. Despite of the political issues and gender discriminations going on. We are still lucky that our culture is less discriminating than others. Each culture has their own beauty and hidden unspoken handicap, we're humans.

The movie has a simple message, dreams do come true... If we persevere.

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