Tuesday, May 17, 2011


6 years ago, I was browsing the seemingly endless list of profiles in Guys4men. When a message came in with a somewhat nose-bleeding introduction of himself and some subtle words about the likeness and commonalities of the two of us. I was hooked on exchanging messages with him. Until we exchanged numbers, and eventually we met. He is just an ordinary looking guy, so ordinary you will barely notice him... Until he speaks. I was instantaneously drawn to his very colorful personality. We clicked and was stuck like two magnets together. He was The Bohemian.

I only realized just recently that he was the first ever blogger I've met. He was the root cause of all this bohemianism going on in my life and he inspired me to write more, and to continue shooting photographs. He was the one who always say that I have an "eye" for photography; such strong words to come from someone who have sold a number of his own photographical works to museums around the world. He shattered my outlook of labeling and inspired me to embrace diversity, individualism and art. He was the one who introduced me to indie music and its definitions. The first and only one to take me to my now favorite hangout, Saguijo. The first who explained to me that one appreciates being a Filipino more when one have seen the world, he inspired me to travel. He was the epitome of someone who has a magnetic personality, where everyone just seems to be drawn to his aura of profoundness and his awesomely wide taste in music and movies. In short, he was (and still is) one of the most influential men in my life. The one who planted a diverse sense of culture and positive perspectives in my childish head. One of the inspirations of this blog and to the craft I am very passionate about, photography.

Until this day , I still cannot mimic or even come close to his talent of producing the most emotionally stirring photographs with such powerful titles.

Years ago, we made a pact that both of us will get tested for HIV. If we will come out clean, we will celebrate together and have a "negativity" party. Well, that negativity party will never happen my friend.

The Bohemian; writer, film maker, photographer, artist, friend. The Influence, The Inspiration.