Sunday, May 29, 2011

A.N.A.L. (A Nostalgic Affair, Lost)

The Photographer's Place

We used to make love on that sofabed
I loved to touch your chest, and on it I lay my head
We have good memories together, but instead
I'm getting rid of them in my head

I miss your place
I miss your face
I miss touching your skin
I miss kissing you as you grin

*Were the radio waves of my heart able to reach you?
It’s broadcasting from the Heart Station of sinners
And only God knows
How much I miss you.

We used to smoke a lot together
Marlboro Black, specially in rainy weather
I used to cuddle you a lot
Now all I have is an empty spot...

In my heart, that now...
Beats only for one.

I miss you.

*Heart Station by Utada Hikaru

Posted on Flickr: November 2009


  1. we also have those horses sa wall right above the sofa haha wala lang

  2. Awww. Reading this on a cold rainy day makes me sadder. :-(

  3. ay nako, mag photo shoot na tayo..