Saturday, May 28, 2011

The memory of an almost perfect summer

I can still taste your lips
and feel your hands on my skin.
I was ecstatic whenever I was with you.
How I loved the way you embraced me tightly.
And see your eyes sparkle, ever so brightly.

I slept on your huge bed.
How I loved it, whenever you held my head.
Close to your chest.
I felt you breathe
Giving stiff life underneath.

I felt every drop of your sweat,
on my goose-bumped skin.
As you mount yourself (in) on me,
I tasted every inch of your skin.

Making sounds with your every thrust,
as our heads were engulfed with lust.
I gripped your strong thighs towards me,
Letting you know how much I wanted every inch of you.

All of you...
In me.

You filled me in
With your precious love
I squeezed every drop
Funny, that you never said stop.

Every moment was a bliss.
I cherished your every kiss.
I haven't seen it (you) coming,
until you said...

"It was nothing."

Posted on Facebook: Monday, March 22, 2010 at 4:28pm


  1. These words are too pretty.. Until you said it was nothing. Lovely.