Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I wanna go home and someone's there waiting for me.

No headache can beat the pain of an empty home
I am happy to have my own place to come home to after I roam
The city streets and the places I have to go to and places I want to go to
But sometimes I feel lonely for a day or two

Right now I feel like puking
But there is something missing...
Wait... Someone to console you and give you a pat on back
Someone who worries and gets mad like he's going to have a heart attack
Because of your crazy drinking...
He will scold you without thinking

Noone's like that to me at the moment.
Nobody is here to comment

It feels lonely

I feel empty

Posted on Facebook: Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 6:47am


  1. It's temporary and everything will be ok soon.<<<<(",)>>>>
    Today, my feeling is the other way around. I want to be that someone waiting at home, giving a warm hug so that he can draw some strength from me. :)

  2. @Vhinong: Thank you.

    @Mac: Wait 'till I post the others, already drafted. :-p

  3. lonely to the point it's sickening... sigh

  4. Aww. I used to feel the exact same way. But, I guess, time heals all wounds. Good vibes!

  5. Halata naman na you're a stronger person now. Hugggs. More please! :)

  6. I used to feel that way here in Cebu. I still do, but I've been finding reasons to fight it, and it's not as potent as it was. :)

  7. Longing for a someone who cares...

  8. this is an all-too-familiar zone... heartbreaking.