Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Top 10s: Essential Photography Gear for Beginners


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Here are some not so expensive items you may want to purchase when you just had your first DSLR body:
1.) Pop-up flash diffusers - So you can practice diffusing the light of your camera's built in flash. You have to learn this first before you buy an external flash, those are powerful lights are expensive.  These diffusers are very useful in softening the light whenever you need it. It comes in three colors. White for just a soft white light, Yellow for that warm look, blue for coldness.

2.) Blower - To get rid of those dusts from your camera body's tight spots and crevices as well as from the lens. I had this incident when I don't have a blower yet... There was a speck of dust on my kit lens and I blew it away, with droplets of saliva included. Good thing the droplets were wiped away by #3

3.) Lens cleaner cloth/LCD cleaner cloth - Very important

4.) Remote - For self portraits and so you (the photographer) can get in the picture too!

5.) Tripod - Very important. For those light streaks at night, self portraits, so you can get yourself in the shot with the use of a remote, for night photography, and in low lighting conditions where a still camera is very essential to prevent camera shake.

6.) A very discreet camera bag: here are some brands...

  • Crumpler - Very unique and fun designs, very expensive prices.
  • Lowepro - They have a very wide range of bags for every photographer's need as well as the number of equipment. Prices are not as expensive as Crumpler's, but these bags are very durable and reliable.  
      Mine's a Lowepro Fastpack 200

7.) Lenspen - To clean your precious lenses the right way!

8.) Drybox - To properly store your camera and lenses as well as other photography equipment. Alternative to a drybox is a big plastic container with lots of #9.

9.) Silica Gel packs - To keep moisture out. There is an electric version of this stuff.

10.) Extra memory cards - Just in case.  


  1. Great tips paps! Syempre binasa ko hehehe

  2. wow...i just bought a sony 230L kasi on sale ahaha sobrang cheap, $299 lang sa fry's electronics...since beginner pa lang ako, yun muna, saka na yung canon eos hehe, anyways, ok yang mga tips mo :)

  3. ang astig, pero syempre kelangan ng budget hehe!

  4. Nice! I like this post. Pero kulang e. #11 Budget hehe. Kelangan mag-ipon talaga. Pero thanks for the list. May checklist na ako. :)

  5. I thought number 1 would be a camera