Thursday, June 16, 2011

Haggling for light

Someone from our office was selling his Yongnuo 460 II for P2,500, with rechargeable batteries and a charger. Knowing the fact that the YN 460 II is a good manual external flash, I nearly grabbed the offer. I said I have to test it with my camera first. I also asked if he can lower the price. He said yes to P2,300, and I said I will check; I made a little price research after that conversation. When I got home, I immediately checked the flash's compatibility with my camera, it worked very well with all the functions working smoothly and as expected. Before I went to sleep, I charged the batteries, when I woke up the charger is still lit on red, isn't it supposed to be on green? That was after 6 hours of sleep, nothing happened to the batteries. I figured that there is something wrong with either the charger or the batteries. Back at work, I talked to my officemate and asked if I can buy it for P1,500 because the batteries are not working, he said it's too low and offered me P2,000, I said P1,700, he offered P1,900, I said I have P1,800 right now. He said "sold". I handed him the money and returned the batteries and charger. I now have the YN 460 II for a dirt cheap price and just 3 months used. I had a great bargain!

The price I bought the external flash was great, with the coming expenses of spending for additional equipment like:

1.) Light stand
2.) Flash diffuser
3.) Umbrella/s
4.) Soft box
5.) Reflector
6.) Snoot
7.) Grid
8.) Remote Trigger
9.) Extra rechargeable batteries

All of those for the art of photography.

Reviews and photographs to follow.


  1. i have an unused light stand, you can also try using my trigger. text mo na lang ako

  2. Slowly but surely making your way towards completing your equipment needs kuya ah! Go go go!

  3. Cool. Going for portrait photography? Somehow those things are used to do portraiture.