Friday, June 11, 2010

Writings for the Satellite part II

*Expressions of the unwritten*

Staring at your photos on a Saturday
Glancing at your messages, everyday
Might as well be crazy in anyway
'Coz you're in my mind all day

I come crashing, untangling
My words and wishes are dangling
Like droplets of rain, hanging
To the roof above our heads
Where our dreams and wishes..
Linger upon, to someday come true

Staring at your photos on a Saturday
Dreaming of you in every way
Looking at your shadows,
and your silhouette image
Imagining myself, right next to you

Somewhere along the way,
we will find where we belong
But right now, nothing can be more strong
If you let yourself be a line in my song

****Now I am fighting the gravity.

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