Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My new friend


It was Sunday, 13th of June. We agreed to meet in Makati, but I thought to invite him to watch the sunset so I said we will meet in MOA instead. It was a gloomy day, and he asked why we will meet in MOA? I said I wanted us to watch the sunset, perfect for such a meeting; but it was gloomy. So I then agreed to what was originally planned, we will meet in Makati.

Neither of us were late on the agreed time that we will meet up. He found me looking at some mountaineering photographs at the cinema area of Glorietta 4. He said wanted to have coffee, but Starbucks was full of people. We then proceed to Greenbelt where there are less people, I thought.

We came to Greenbelt's Coffeebean and Tealeaf and found ourselves cozily chatting in one corner of that coffee shop. It was raining outside and a warm cup of coffee and a couple of sweet cookies and a slice of cake was just perfect for that night. My new friend have some boyishly-innocent-naive-little boy aura, which he admits (the innocent) when we were texting. He is such a talkative guy, we barely had a moment of dead air because there was so much we have to talk and can talk about. I had my camera with me so I took photos of him. He obviously felt uneasy at first, but he grew comfortable with the camera as the hours go by. I admit that the photos I took of him weren't my best, I had a difficult time adjusting my camera settings to the lighting of the coffee shop. Despite of the lighting difficulties, I was able to shoot a couple of nice photographs of him. My favorite was when he was looking at my lens while resting his cheeks on his fist. His eyes were just beautiful and with such innocence.

After our coffee shop chatter, we then went to a nearby Italian restaurant and ate heavily, as well as for more talks. We were very full that night. My tummy was almost aching of fulness.

I'm happy to have a new friend who shares the same battles as I am. It's great to have a friend who understands what exactly I am going through and I am the same towards him.

You know who you are. Let's hold on and embrace this new friendship, as we have so much more to dream of and we will fulfill each one of them. I'm just a phone call and a text away. We will keep dreaming, we will keep fulfilling, we will keep fighting.