Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 goals

1.) Save money.
2.) Buy and learn how to play a guitar.
3.) Trim down and maintain a weight of 130lbs.
4.) Have my 3rd tattoo inked.
5.) Win over clutter!
6.) Find a sport that I will love and grow with.
7.) Read more, read more, read more!
8.) "Almost" quit on eating land animals except when it's free.
9.) Start backpacking.
10.) Improve on my photography.

I just want to share. :-)


  1. 8.) "Almost" quit on eating land animals except when it's free.

    land animals talaga, like zebra, lion, tiger, salamander...


  2. The easiest of your goals is to save money, that is if you're dedicated to achieve it. :)

  3. i have this type of list too. hmm. you remind me of publishing it :)

  4. That is a good move....Stay healthy so that your body can fight back the virus naturally.. I know its a tough fight but there are people who fought very well and the result is they keep the virus at bay without taking ARV for a long period of time. Be one of them..

    Curious lang ako sa "Start back packin".. ano yun? hehehe


  5. @Chemistryguy: Correct. No eating of any animal who lives on land, even amphibians and birds.

    @Mu[g]en: I am, and I have to completely change my lifestyle. Going boho.

    @Yas Jayson: Go ahead an publish it, keep us updated when you reach each oe of your goals. I'll do that.

    @Jab: Backpacking is traveling with just a backpack without any agenda or itinerary. I did that when I went to Daet last year. Gonna do it more often, locally first.

  6. i am optimistic you can attain those goals knowing how headstrong you are. :)

  7. 2.) Buy and learn how to play a guitar. <-- jamming tayo. sa keyboards ako.

    6.) Find a sport that I will love and grow with. <-- recommending swimming.

    9.) Start backpacking. <-- sama ka sa akin.

    10.) Improve on my photography. <-- photowalks? tara!

  8. @Juan de la Cruz: Thank you. I will do it and I will fulfill.

    @Fred: Jamming? Sure, dito sa condo, kabit natin sa Mac yung instruments then let's record songs! Sprt, yes, swimming or underwater jokcey or waterpolo or Yaw-yan. Backpacking, 'wag kang aarte sa pupuntahan ha? Planning to to the northern mountains and to the spoouthern beaches, para magrelax at hindi mag party. Photowalks, tara, me and the Goth chick usuallyhave Sunday or Monday dinners, kaw puro ka inom eh. SUmama ka sa amin kasi.

  9. i say amen to goals 1, 5 and 9.

  10. go and save money.. there are many blogs about these.. specially, a mother/writer author it and it's very very good source of info.

    cheers to you and i wish you lots of luck.

  11. Sport.... Ultimate Frisbee!

  12. Thank you for the suggestion Dabo, I'll check that out.

    @Trese: Do you play? :-)

  13. i used to play ultimate. i still have my disc but it's a little worn out na.

    i'm now into poi/zips.