Friday, June 25, 2010

My lifestyle evolution

I will undergo another evolution in my life. This time, with a help from the Goth-chick friend of mine. She has been with me for quite a long time and she has been a quiet conscience and a guide of when it comes to life's decision making. Last night we talked over AIM for a bit and told her about my goals this year, and she pointed out some sub-categories in my goals that I have missed out.

I told her that this time, I have to adhere to all my plans and goals and I want to fulfill each one of them, specially the financial aspect of my goals. It has been quite hard for me to save, because I spend too much on things that I don't really need and splurge on things that I can do somewhere else cheaper. Having HIV means I have to save up for future medical expenses knowing the fact that my HMO will not support any diseases that may be related to it. One fact is that I cannot disclose my status to the HMO doctors for them to treat my future diseases properly, else, they will cut me off of my benefits. That said, I really have to save money for the future and to invest wisely on things that will help improve my health and well being.

Hello to more ukay-ukay and surplus shops! Goodbye to expensive signature brands and shoes as well as department stores. Well I have been shopping in ukay-ukay shops since I became independent. I also have to check what do I need in my condo, I will not buy a sofa anymore and a dining set. I can eat on the floor and the Uratex folding foam that turns either into a mini sofa or a single bed will be enough for me and my guests. I will just have to buy a few meters and kinds of fabric to cover it. I also have to buy a little dining table, Japanese style of course to match my bamboo carpet, and more dark shade curtains.

I must also start cooking my own meals and packing lunch for work. That way I will be able to save up and eat healthier foods. However, I want a Tiger lunch box, they say it can keep food warm for hours. I am excited on cooking again, even just for myself. I used to cook for my special man, but I don't have one now, thus lack of urge to cook, I just have to. Weekly dinning out with the Goth-chick will be replaced by weekly dinners at my place instead, both of us can cook so we can do it here, eat dinner and have wine.

Finances are one big reason I am going bohemian, it's voluntary poverty on an artistic aspect. Aside from I adore the lifestyle of the freethinking man and following one's sense of right and wrong. I like the idea of immersing oneself to his art and living it. I don't consider myself artistic, but I know that I am passionate and expressive.

Hmm... with all those said, when will I be able to buy the 24-105mm F4 L lens that I have been dreaming and craving for? Perhaps not anytime soon.


  1. why f4? go for f2.8's! :)

    dream lens ko,
    70-200mm f2.8
    80-200mm f2.8
    10-20mm f4

    24-105mm, db kit lens yun?

  2. The lenses you want are expensive. No, the one I want is not a kit lens, it's an all around lens. lenses at F2.8 are fast but I want an all around lens that has the range I want for flexibility. That's why I chose the F4 zoom lens.

  3. That's nice my friend. But always take a bath everyday ha and wash your hair. hehehe : )