Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*Untitled rainy day memory*


*Untitled rainy day memory*

We bid goodbyes as you walked to the cab
Your jacket over your head
"Take care" I said.
I headed to the bus stop
As into the cab you hop.

I brave the rain without my hoodie
I was stupid to have left it
I am getting soaked, bit by bit
As I ran to a nearby shelter
I thought that it's a better weather

How I love the feeling of getting wet
As well as the cold drops of sweat
The soft downpour sends shivers
Loving each good feeling it delivers

I love the drops of rain
Spattering on the bus window
I love how it changes the view of street lights
Into little sparks of bright light

As I reached home
I realized I'm alone, again.
...it has been like this.
...for so long.

My cellphone beeped.

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