Friday, June 11, 2010

One night passion with Mr. Drinker

Last week of May... It was Sunday, early evening, I just woke up and got several missed calls and text messages from my friend Ruth, she wants us to have dinner. I immediately texted "what"? She replied "Japanese", I replied "where", she sad "_____" (the name of the restaurant that I can't remember anymore), I said "time", she said "in an hour", I said "See you".

While I was preparing for our dinner date, I logged in to PR, checked my Facebook and a few emails from work. Then a message came in my PR, I clicked on the notification and there was already an attached photo. He looks nice, although I can no longer remember what the message was, I intentionally deleted his message in my PR inbox as later on you will know why.

Conversations started, a few messages were exchanged, until he asked for my address and directions on how to go to my condo. I said "sorry, but I am ging out for dinner with a friend, let us text instead". We exchanged numbers. We were texting almost non-stop as I was on my way to the Japanese restaurant somewhere in Tomas Morato.

A few hours later, I was going home, I did not text him that I was about to go home. He did text a few minutes when I rode the cab. He asked where I was and I said "On my way home, want to have a few bottles at my place?" and he replied "what's the quickest way to your place, let's have wine".

We did not have wine, we had beer and vodka instead. He arrived at the gates of my condo with a laptop bag and a bottle of Vodka, I bought a few bottles of beer from the nearby store, and we started to drink.

I knew so little about him while we were exchanging messages online and texting, I did not even ask where he lives or what he does for a living. Personal backgrounds and life stories unfold as the morning draws near. It was amazing on how much we have in common, and I felt gravity between us. I was astonished when he said he's a professional photographer aside from other jobs he does that includes creativity and art. He has a passion for tattoos, same as me, and he showed me his. I was surprised on how much we have in common when it comes to music, he listens to almost every music genre I listen to. It was such a wonderful night conversing with him. We finished the beer and he opened the bottle of vodka that I left in the chiller. We are dumbfounded on how to open it. I then handed him a knife and we opened it together, he accidentally popped out a glass ball from the bottle's small opening and he quickly put it in his mouth like candy. I stared at him in wonder.

We drank more and more as we listen and compared our music collections in our Macs. I have an old Mac Mini, he has an old Macbook. He has a Canon DSLR, so am I.

There was this unforgetable track he played from his Macbook's music collection, it made me shiver and I had goosebumps all over. It was a song from Zoeey Deschannel,the actress in the movie 500 Days of Summer, she was a singer and has a band before she became an actress. The title of the song was Take it back. We listened to it with so much attention and I was awestruck with Zooey's voice, I smiled at him and thanked him for letting me hear such sweet and beautiful music. He noticed my goosebumps and touched them with such wonder and warmth.

I switched to playing tunes from my iPod that was connected to my mini component, I played Lisa Ono. Things started to heat up between us, fires of passions started to burn as we sweat heavily. Suddenly, while we were at it, tears suddenly dropped from my eyes... I told him to stop; party pooper huh?! I said to myself that he has to know something if we are going to do it.

I did, tell him... About my secret.

We stopped and he said... "You're still normal". He asked when did I knew about it and how I was. He said, that there's nothing wrong with me and I can still dream and live life. We sat on the bed, he moved to the black, solid wood headboard of my bed and he took me in such a warm embrace, saying that I have to continue dreaming and fulfill each one. I have years to live and I have to become alive, I said "I already know that". He smiled, we kissed. He said that we have to continue dreaming to live, what is there to live for if we stop dreaming and just be contented with a monotonous life, we might as well die if that will be the case. He made me smile and his words fueled the fire of hope within me.

We got up from the bed and went back on the floor to drink more, as well as for more of "that". The night continued with such passion and careful movements. Of course, we have to be very careful, I don't want anyone to get sick because of me. It was a long, sweat laden, hot night. We slept on the floor at the break of dawn.

We woke up kissing each other gently. I can smell his alcohol breath and feel his warm sweaty skin.

He said he is dating someone, but he is not committed. Before we parted ways, we kissed in his car and bid each other with sweet smiles on our faces. We barely text each other now.

Whatever his intentions was at the first place, it was worth being with him. Whether it was just a one night fuck or whatever, everything was worth it. He made me feel alive, most importantly... Normal. We shared a moment of our lives within a few hours and I learned a lot from him. It has been a long time that I have met someone with such passion in life as he is.

Like tattoos in his body and mine, he left me with his perspectives marked on my soul.

The video below, is a video of a song he left playing in my head... As he disappears into the metropolis of wherever.



  1. Kinilig naman ako sa story mo! :)

    Hey, I met your ex weeks ago... Positibo. And he said you were asking how I'm doing since I havent blogged for the past 2-3weeks. I'm doing good and I am back! :)

    Hope to meet you as well.

  2. I hope you got that tattoo.