Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What was I doing?

Okay, I haven't written something for a long time. I don't want to talk about my disease if I don't feel like it. I want this blog to be about my life, my online journal, not just about me and this disease or condition or whatever term we may have for it. Well, anyway here it goes...

It has been weeks since I had my list of lab tests to undergo, but because of my laziness and the Monday holidays we have over here, I can't just simply do it. My rest days are Sundays and Mondays, so I have just one day to do all the medical and whatever stuff I need to do, that is on a Monday. But there, laziness kicked in. Eventually (that was Thursday, May 6th) I went to the clinic near San Lazaro.. I dragged myself going to that place. I just feel that I have to or else, my doctor will just scold me. Whom I haven't met yet, that's the medical doctor. Anyway, I went to that public clinic where I am suppose to get all my lab tests,. Wow, such long lines at such an early part of day. I saw an officemate of mine, he's gay. I was surprised, what was he doing there? I smiled. Then there was this one guy who looked okay and skinny and so gay wearing gay sunglasses, an almost lady Gaga type of sun glasses, he looked at me as he hold his list of lab tests... and wow, we came from the same doctor. meaning, he must be positive for HIV too! He sat beside me and I studied the writings on his paper, that list came from the same doctor that I was. So definitely, I mean... I am sure 80% that he's like me. Anyway, I got bored so I texted my friend Pam that the lines were so long at the clinic, She then said she'll come over. She did after half an hour. We went to this Chinese place named Waiying, that serves such authentic Chinese dishes that are so delicious, then we went to our teammate's place just near the restaurant. Dette, was shocked that we are there. We stayed for a couple of hours raving and ranting about stuff, Dette's mom happily served us halo-halo at near noon, which was just in time 'coz it was already so hot. I went home tired, stuffed, and sleepy.

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