Wednesday, May 26, 2010

H4 Pavilion, 2nd time

I am now ready to take a shower while Coldplay is playing on the background. I am excited, for tomorrow I will be visiting San Lazaro's H4 Pavilion where I am registered. I will know my CD4 count, I'm excited to know how I am really doing and I am excited to see fellow patients. Last time I was there, was last week, that was my first time. Most of them were cheerful, some are quietly-autistic... just like how I was. Well, I am really quiet when I am new to a place, that's my way of observing people, for sure I will adjust and start to open to them as the time goes by. As much as I wanted to talk to other patients, I don't know how to start, this is something new to me, very new.

Tomorrow I will start getting to know fellow patients or fellow pozzies as the internet and blogs put it. I will be there right after work and perhaps grab a breakfast and have a liter of water with me because it is just so hot.

I am excited, because I don't know when I will be back there, so maybe I can get a few contacts and start joining their "club". I need to hangout with fellow pozzies. I have a very tight and close support group, I have my friends and my dad. However, it sure does feel good to be with people like me.


  1. Oist. Congrats on your CD4 count. So it seems na newly infected pa lang pala tayo. and mukang tama yung sinabi ko sayo kung sino nakahawa. hehe

  2. @Chemistryguy: Yup Yup... Sorry di ako nakareply sa text mo kanina.

    @Fred: Yep.

  3. hi there..a am newly diagnosed HIV positve..and plannng to go to san lazaro to have my cd4 count.i also want to meet people like me..i hope to meet you... :)