Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy birthday SEX!

Originally planned, I am supposed to go home on time because I need to meet my SEX later tonight. But no, I extended an hour at work and then it took me some time to catch a bus going home. It was 9 AM when I got in a bus going north. Makati to the far north is usually an hour and a half ride during early mornings. I told the conductor that I am getting off to SM Fairview instead. So I tried to sleep in the bus, I closed my eyes and listened to the radio using my mobile phone. I was able to sleep a bit. Everytime I opened my eyes, the warm sunlight hits my face, it felt nice. After an hour bus ride, I got to the mall, crossing the street towards the mall, as I walk under the warm sun, it did not feel hot at all, it really felt nice, the sky was not as blue as the midsummer days, but the warm sun really felt goo on my skin. I went straight to the barbershop and there was this guy obviously catching glimpses of me, he's not my type, too gay with pin striped pants, when he walked towards the door, he walked so effeminately, well he had a semi-kalbo haircut, but that did not masked his bottom reference and girlishly walk, I thought, probably he groans like a girl in bed. LOL! I was finally having my haircut... and my favorite part, the save. I almost slept during the process. I feel and look so clean and fresh and gave my favorite barber P50. On my way home, the sun is even hotter, but I did not mind it. The sun is just kissing me so gently.

I am excited to meet my guy later. It's his birthday today. I am already drowsy because it's way past my bedtime. Anyway, I have to go to sleep to meet my significant ex tonight for his birthday dinner.


  1. Uy hello, Thank you, ngunit hindi ko birthday yun. Birthday ng EX ko.