Thursday, May 27, 2010

My CD4 count as of May 2010

I went to the H4 Pavilion of San Lazaro earlier this morning. I went there straight after work. So there, the sky was gloomy and it was not so hot nor humid at all. It was a nice day. I got there around 7:45 AM or so, and there were only a handful of patients, unlike last week.

*more details this weekend, I'm sleepy*

Anyway, my CD4 count is 586. Dra. A said that I have to avoid alcohol because the numbers on the something that indicates something about my something says that it's already on the ceiling. So I have to cut down on alcohol, really. Yes, too much "somethings" because I forgot what it was, or the particular lab result or even the name.

I will be back there next week to submit my chest X-ray and my Hepa B test results, just two more tests to submit. My next CD4 extraction will be January, but I have to go back there this November so they can schedule me for January 2011.

So far, all my lab tests say that I'm healthy and I have to keep it up, keep it that way. I might, just might, go back to the rowing team, or might try hybrid yaw-yan for a change. I asked Dra. A regarding the extreme sports that I was into, if it is okay for me to go back. She said, as long as there are no health risks and I am happy doing it, do it. I asked her about the dirtiness of Manila bay, she said "just don't swim in it and you'll be fine, swimming in Manila bay is a different story".

So there, I will be back into the sports I love, I used to climb walls too and swim a lot. I might even try new ones. Hmm... Hybrid yaw-yan? Rowing is a cheap sport and a very grueling one that definitely can keep one really fit and strong.

Oh by the way, I will be in H4 pavilion tomorrow morning. Dra. A asked me if I can join H4 pavilion's AIDS Candlelight Celebration. There is one in Remedios in the afternoon, but the hospital has one of their own. I told Dra. that I will come and join; so I'll see her tomorrow morning.



  1. Congrats King! :) Shots for us (VCO. LOL!)

  2. how about mountain biking, i'm in this adventure sport..... - jab

  3. @TheChemistryguy: Yep, I have to keep it that way. I haven't been smoking for a long time. Slap me real hard if you see outside the building, smoking.

    @Fred: I'll give you a bottle of VCO when dad gets back from his Sierra Madre trip.

    @Jab: I would love that, but I don't know how to bike. I have been wanting to learn how to ride a bike for a very long time, since I was a little kid actually... I never learned how.