Friday, May 14, 2010

Saguijo night!

Yehey! My Vacation leave on the 29th of May has been approved! So off to Saguijo ( I go! It's their 6th anniversary celebration so I don't want to miss the 2nd night. They have a great line up of bands, most of which are my favorites. Chicosci will be there, Taken By Cars, Encounters with yetti... All are favorites of mine. For sure it will be pretty crowded in that place so I am thinking if I am going to bring my camera or not. Bringing my camera will inhibit me from going into the clubs after the band gigs, which is pretty good for me so I will not spend a lot on that day. LOL. I would love to take photos of my favorite bands, I just need to arrive there early, and that means I have to take a sit inside and no smoking for me, because smoking is prohibited inside. Well, that will help in my continuing battle against smoking... Which I really have to either cut down really really low, or to finally stop. I get sick if I don't smoke for a couple of days, and I get sick if I smoke too much.

May 29th is Saguijo night for me! Oh boy... I miss that place so much!


  1. love love taken by cars and chicosci... especially the old chicosci, friend ko kasi dati nilang drummer.

  2. Ah wow! Nice. Do you go to band gigs as well? Aside from the gigs of those two you mentioned?

  3. When I was back in college, I love local indie bands... Now I'm into house music but I still have the heart for local bands.

    Been to Saguijo once, really nice place.

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