Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving on, the Nth time.

I just watched 500 days of summer a few minutes back. The line "It's just wasn't me that you were right about", struck me. I met this photographer/webdesigner guy more than a year ago. Until now, I still find it so hard to move on from him, us, and our memories together, specially my memory of him. It pains me think that we were over. I was all over him. He was the center of world. He was the sun of my endless days. He was the center of my dark universe. Until he changed into someone I almost never knew existed... He changed from a warm, sweet person to a heartless and insensitive male bitch! I'll tell you guys more about that. The point of this entry is... That I just made a wrong decision about him. I thought he was the right one for me, he was, for a brief moment, then I found out I was wrong. However, I learned a lot from my experiences with him. My life with him was brief and painful, but it did open my eyes to the truths that I dare not see before. Like there can be such heartless people like him. That there are more to life than having a lover. That things do happen for a reason.. Do they? Yes. More stories to come. I need to sleep.


  1. id like to know ur story with that guy..well, u may hv posted it in ur recent posts already..im just starting kc.