Friday, May 14, 2010

Of hearts and minds.

Sometimes, the heart is not always right. That's why we have our mind to use, to find out which is better to do and which will be less evil or so. Most people would say, do what your heart desires, but there are circumstances that lead to regrets and unhappiness if we follow our heart; it may lead to more hurt and pain. However if we use our mind and stray away from the desires of our heart, it may lead to the same consequences as stated earlier. So we need to find the balance, that is where we fall in place. We are in the middle of everything, we are like a weight balance, we have our heart on one end and our mind on another... Strongly following one would greatly imbalance our lives. We are in charge of our lives, our heart doesn't have a mind of it's own, it simply follow its beat and it judges based on what it feels. Our mind doesn't feel anything, it simply does what is logical to do.

We are in charge of our lives, we are the center of our universe. The balance is in our hands... There are no right or wrongs, there are only regrets and fulfillment, sadness and happiness.

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