Friday, January 28, 2011

Blast from the past, part 1: The 80s Japanese invasion, when we got hooked to robots and five colored superheroes

Let's go Japanese first. Early in the 80s, these Japanese live action shows got the whole country hooked! From Annie's white panties to Mask rider Black's ubber sexy appeal to the Red Mask's love affair with the enemy's daughter, most of us surely got hooked! Again, Mask Rider black is the most handsome Japanese actor I know of back then, and do you remember that his strongest enemy is actually his brother whose entirety represents a solar eclipse, while mask Rider Black represents a Lunar Eclipse? Do you remember that the first Yellow Four in Bioman died and was replaced by a lady archer? While Pink Five was the only one who survived a plague attack (I think). Do you remember when the Maskman's first robot was captured by the enemy and was pulled underground and it was replaced by a chubby looking robot? Do you remember that the Fiveman's base is actually a giant robot where their main robots merge in to have one awesomely powerful weapon of destruction?

To most of us, these shows are our weekend staples. We always look forward to watching these shows and afterwards, play with our friends as we play pretend and assume the role of our favorite hero or villain.

I am already 28, so many out there who are near my age and those who belong to the same age bracket, probably know the TV show opening themes of the live action kiddie shows posted below. As far as I can remember, these shows are every Saturdays or Sunday mornings. Do you guys remember them? By the way, when I was a young kid, I memorized Voltes V's ending them word per word.


Voltes V



Masked Rider Black





  1. Yes, I do. I remember them all, the innocuous details you mentioned, and then some, and even the intro video/ music of these shows I still do. I even sing them once in a while, when in a reminiscing mood. :)

    Thank you, for reminding us.

  2. I'm 24. I remember shaider and bioman a little. Pero ang pinapanood ko talaga nun eh Magmaman and Ultraman. I actually didn't enroll in piano lessons because the schedule overlapped with Ultraman. Haha.

  3. hahaha... five man go... wahehhe

  4. @Red: You're welcome. It is so nice to remember our childhood and those shows too!

    @Nihisboy: Yeah! Naalala ko rinang Magmaman at Ultyraman, but I was not really into them. O di ba? Ikaw rin, naaadik ka rin. LOL!

    @KIkomaxx: ;-)

  5. Sweet, sweet memories. An entire generation of children grew up from watching these shows.

  6. omg! blast from the past! thanks canon. nagkaroon ako ng flashback of happy memories.

  7. Several generations grew up watching these shows. Generation 1992, represent!

  8. Childhood shows, how awfully wonderful to turn back time.


  9. I am 25. Sobrang nakakamiss sila! Sa bioman ko unang nakita ang buhok ng isan emo, yung kalaban nila na super haba ng bangs.

  10. first Yellow Four in Bioman died and was replaced by a lady archer - oh wow, just found out!

  11. Nice of you to bring these memories back again. This is also my generation. Hehehe. Anyway, I really love Voltes Five's ending theme. It's the song of a son longing to meet his lost father. I can deeply relate. Just sharing.

  12. And with this Japanese shows namulat ang mata ko at an early age about homosexuality. Hindi lang sila Sailormoon nagmulat sa akin, pati si Igamu and si Ida.

    Igamu of Maskman - Nagpanggap na prinsipe pero girl talaga.
    Ida - male transvestite (transexual) Time space warp, ngayon din! Hehe.

    Paolo Ballesteros played the counterpart of Ida's role in Zaido (GMA7's adaptation of their Shaider franchise)

    Just sharing lang.