Saturday, January 8, 2011

Encounters with a Yeti

I often blog about my favorite bands. This time I am going to blog about one of the few local bands that always give me goosebumps whenever I watch them play live. They don't have vocals and they creatively use some sort of visual distraction to their audience... Sort of a visual element to their musical poetry.

I first watched Encounters with a Yeti in Saguijo one night, during one of my episode induced streetcapades with the Goth Chick. At first, I was kind of weary listening to them and waiting for vocals to start, a few minutes later and no vocals still, I was caught standing in the middle of Saguijo's tightly packed little room, slowly swaying my head backward and forward and my body from side to side. Everyone's quietly swaying, and after the first song that the band played, everyone clapped as loud as they can, cheering. Never have I experienced such voiceless musical ecstasy until I listened to this great indie band. It was like literally drowning in music and your mind playing images of sorts as one grasps and divulges the produced sounds from these artists.

When I discovered their myspace account and learned that they are streaming their music for free, I quickly bookmarked it. Their music is best listened to when one is tired from a long day and just sipping a cold beer or a glass of fine wine in a cool weather. Their music is one of the few that I listen to when I want my mind to unwind and stop thinking for a while.

Below is their myspace URL. My favorite tracks are:

Alloys bring the future closer
I too am a vineyard
Feathers of knives
All your children want for dinner is you

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