Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gigabytes from Drummer Boy!

before the year closes last year, this was around the last few weeks of December, my friend the Drummer Boy gave me 2 DVDRs containing huge amounts of the music he listens to. He gave it to as a surprise for the holidays, because he knows I have been wanting to explore more of the different genres of music. because he knows that he can influence me so much on the music he listens to, he gave me 8 gigabytes worth of music that he has, and he says until I buy an external hard drive for my mac, he will not burn me more. @GBs of music is a whole lot! When I got home that day, I was very excited to scan and play the files Drummer Boy gave me. As expected, they were really good. I think half of the 8 GBs of files he gave me are artists that I already know, but songs and albums I did not have, yet... There were new music that are fresh to my ears and band names so new to my music vocabulary.

My favorites were...

Armor for Sleep, kinda punkish in a rockish kind of way, but generally alternative. My kind of music.

The Black Keys, I did not know that the band only composed of two members until I googled 'em. They sound old school like the 70s, and their music sounds like it was recorded using 70s style and 70s era recording equipment. They sound a bit rough, but that's the great appeal about them. They're literally a garage band, sounds like a garage band and they look like unclean geeks that decides to play the guitar and drums. Lyrics are nice, sound is great, a refreshing addition to my musical vocabulary.

Sinosikat?, I have heard about this band for a very long time, but I never had the time or did not pay attention in giving their music a listen, until that day. Jazzy and "loungy" beats with a hint of pop and alternative.

Maxwell, I love Maxwell's music, but Drummer Boy gave a copy of all of his albums, except the latest one. Maxwell is the only singer that can pull off excellent vocal calisthenics from super high to ultra low notes in a very smooth and sexy transition.

Tori Amos, I got all of her albums now!

There are still a lot of music to explore in those two DVDRs. I don;t have enough space in my Mac to transfer all the file 'though, sad. That's why I really need to buy an external hard drive as soon as possible.

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