Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Diet failed

Day one of the fruit diet failed tremendously. When I woke up yesterday afternoon, I ate a bunch of watermelons. When I got to work I ate a lot of bananas, 6 pieces to be exact plus I have several oranges with me. Whenever I get hungry, I eat, I drink water. But come around 2 AM, my heads is already spinning and aching so bad I feel like I am going to faint. I was not able to stand it so I stood up and hurried myself to the pantry at the ground floor. My floor is just at the 4th so I used the staircase with my hurried steps towards the pantry. I spotted chicken, white meat. So I ordered it plus one rice. There were still pieces of meat waiting to be eaten after I finished my meal. I ate them all, but I did not order a second serving of rice. That's enough.

I am not sure what happened, but perhaps my mind and my body was not able to handle the stress at work plus the added stress of hunger because it is not getting the usual foods it is given. This afternoon I am going to try it again, but I am going to start my day with a whole lot of oatmeal. Then will buy some apples and bananas for work, and I'm going to start walking, no elevators for me.

It's time for me to lose weight and act now. This is just a matter of discipline and the mind must focus itself. Of course, everything being done must not compromise my already weak immune system.

This is it, let's go!


  1. For in failure we learn. A stepping stone to something bigger and better.

  2. Kaya yan! Dapat kayanin mo kasi sinusubukan ko din. Para ma pressure ako. Lol.

  3. goodluck canon! kaya yan!

  4. Bananas are better for breakfast ^^ They're "heavier" in fiber compared to watermelons and only about 15 calories per piece.

    You still need carbs though even just 1 cup rice. It would be ideal to have as much vegetables as you can too!

    The change of diet has to be gradual. You jump on it too soon, it'll make your body crave for the "usual" foods you eat. Chicken is ok. Just choose the parts (no skin, wings) well and how its cooked (grilled, boiled, or almost anything cooked through water has fewer calories than fried)

  5. Thank you , guys!

    Thank you, Seth, for the tip! :-)

    Chemguy: Naman!

  6. Wag lang daanin sa diet ang pagpapayat. Pwede ka ding tumakbo. Libre yan.