Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My visit to The Mansion

It seems I was hovering towards a big garden with lush and trimmed greenery as I entered a big iron gate with thick rods and intricately designed arches. As I walk through the garden I was listening Michael Jackson's Earth song playing in loop.

The garden was full of exotic plants, some I have never seen before, I can definitely tell the owner of the mansion has a keen interest in gardening as well as exotic plants. I enter an old building, so big and creepy. However, it's warmth was very inviting amidst the cold and misty weather on the mountaintop.

I found myself in a mansion, isolated from all traces of civilization. Coming to this place means trekking or driving to a winding road. Anyone who is not careful enough not to drive or walk carefully will definitely find themselves falling on the cliffs above the thick white clouds, lost indefinitely.

The view in the mansion's garden is breathtaking, mountains across the thick and tall trees are everywhere, one can see either the sunrise or the sunset, that is how high the place was. The weather was chillingly cold. Inside the mansion, seems a rather unkept interior, but surely the owner of the place has a taste a fine luxury. Rooms at the first floor looks as if the occupants just suddenly left, leaving their things behind like slippers tucked between the door to keep it from entirely closing. I took a tour of the place and it was dark, lonely, and the invitingly warm atmosphere turned into a cold and lonely retreat. The kitchen was dark and empty, the living room was full of antiques and huge sofas, comfortable to lounge at, but cold to the touch. I went back to the room at the first floor in the middle of a dark, windowless hallway, a slipper was tucked beneath the corner of the door, perhaps the occupant or the owner of the room doesn't have the key and does not want to be locked out. I know it was bad to enter someone's room without permission, but my curiosity overwhelmed me. "It's a guy who lives in this room", I said to myself, his bed was in the middle of the room with wide windows above the side of his bed, the windows brought warm light across the room and rays of bright sun kept the marble floor warm to the bare feet. His ID lace with his ID card was still hanging on the left corner of his study chair in front of his desk with a huge mirror, his bed with nice blue linen sheets still seems that the owner just left. Clothes are everywhere, littered across the room. I decided to go out and look for the kitchen because I was getting hungry and the afternoon is nearly coming to a close. I found the kitchen, empty. I stayed there waiting for someone to come home, none, even after several hours has passed, I amused myself by playing with my cellphone that has no signal. Until this overwhelming feeling of loneliness burst in me. I went out to the garden...

The garden was in fact dead. As I walked a certain distance, the plants started to bloom and turn green, and as I slowly looked back, I saw with my two eyes how the plants quickly wither and die. I went out the mansion's iron gates, running, looking for anyone, any human being that knows where I am. I found 4 boys a after a couple of twists and turns along the black asphalt road.

I woke up hungry at 10:30 AM, so I grabbed a stick of reds and looked for a certain story I read when I was kid. I want to go back to that mansion and what is the mystery lurking in its cold and lonely rooms.