Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I woke up at around 10 am and I can't go back to sleep. To help me sleep or while I wait to get back to sleep, I decided to go bloghopping and sports browsing. I stumbled upon a few sports that I really want to try but schedule and locations are not that convenient for me... I checked out Underwater Hockey which is hel in taguig, Water Polo in Manila, and Mountain Biking. I checked out a few bikes too, although I don't know how to ride a bike, yet. I really need a new sport that I will truly stick to and love. I have been contemplating on enrolling in a gym in Makati, but it will be expensive, I mean, P13,000/year is cheap, but working out in a gym is really not my cup of tea.

As I surf and browse several sites and blogs, I noticed a there are quite a handful of new blogs, some are new blogs by old bloggers and some are quite new indeed. There is one annoying thing about some blogs 'though... That some have music widgets on auto-play. I do appreciate that they share the music they listen to, but c'mon, some of us are already listening to some music while we go online or some just wants peace and quiet. I find it annoying because it disrupts the mood of people as they surf. You can share your music, we appreciate that, but please do not put it on auto-play.

I rest my case.


  1. ako interested magpolo swimming pero ako i love to go the gym naadict ako sobra

    i have to agree medyo di ko rin nagugustuhan yung may auto music kasi minsan nakakagulat hahahaha

  2. Medyo annoying nga magkaroon ng autoplay music sa blog mo.

  3. Same here. whenever I open a lot of blogs on new tabs, and the music plays, I have a hard time finding the source. In the end, I have to close the entire browser.

  4. hahaha.. parang blog ko lang may autoplay... minsan nakakasawa nga pero minsan di din naman.. i rest my case too.. wahehehe.. salamat sa pagfollow kay batman chong...

  5. ahahah i agree, minsan nakakagulat na lng ang lakas pa ng music, altho meron ding blogs na binabalikan ko minsan just bcoz of the music lang dahil gus2 ko marinig...

    meorn ding times, may music na sila sa background, music pa din ung post nila kaya 2 different sounds ang maririnig mo! (Paging Maggie ahahah guilty ka jan LOL)


  6. Sa underwater hockey be prepared na umuwing may mga pasa.

    Ganun lagi eksena ng trainer ko hehehe. Mukha tuloy siyang inabuso, babae pa naman.