Sunday, January 23, 2011

The music I listen to (Part 1 of 2)

My music collection is quite diverse, from the hardcore Hip-hop beats of Krook & J.O.L.O, to the passionate songs of Usher, the heart breaking songs of Tyrese, the smoothly seductive vocal calisthenics of Maxwell, or the r&b-eroticism of Joe, or perhaps the emotionally packed lyrics of Utada Hikaru; to the classic alternative 90s music of Goo Goo Dolls, Dishwalla, Dave Matthews Band, Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park(then and now), Counting Crows, Radiohead, Lisa Loeb, Mazzy Star; or go local to the songs of course my favorite local band of all time, the Eraserheads (I got 3 cassettes and 1 CD), Rivermaya ( I have a cassette of their first album), Paramita, Nyoy Volante, Paolo Santos, Nina, Bamboo, Hale, and a compilation CD of independent artists that frequently play at Saguijo... All of which I have an original CD copy, of course, that's my way of supporting the local music industry. They are just some of what composes my music library.

Audio CDs, I know we have the internet to thank for to get free music into our Macs or PCs, but still, nothing beats the satisfaction of owning an original CD of your favorite artist or band, specially when a whole album is worth every centavo. All of my CDs in my collection are rarely opened, once I bought them home from the store, I carefully open it, pop it in my Mac, rip, and store it to my shelf, along with the other CDs, books, and magazines I have. What I love about buying CDs is the smell of the glossy paper, it smells like a newly opened magazine. The lyrics that one can read, specially the art work along the lyrics sheet, one can just appreciate the graphic artist's work or the photographer or whoever made the illustration on the album cover and inside it. Having a CD is like having a book, you store it after you copy the songs, open it to visit it again, pop in the CD to any player and read along as the music plays. The feeling of owning a piece of that band's music or a part of an artist's work is gratifying. Knowing you supported the artists or bands by legally buying their work is nice, really nice. I breathe music, so I support the industry that not only entertains me, but gives me infinite inspiration and helps me get through this journey, in any way I can, no matter how small it may be.

Some of the CDs in my collection

When I was younger I have an entire 20GB music library in my iPod, that's a whopping 5,000 songs. These days, 5,000 songs or 20GB worth of music is considered a miniscule number to some. Not during the mid 2000s, that was quite a huge space and a hefty lot of files to carry around or just to have. I got my iPod as a birthday gift from Angel, and since then my music collection grew and grew. Here's a glimpse of what I have been listening when I was growing up or should I say, during my teens to early 20s. Here are the songs in my iPod named Youki...

I have not listened to my iPod for a very long time. Since I got my phone (A Samsung Corby qwerty), it has been my primary portable music player.

As you will see, I have a lot of Mariah Carey songs in the top 20s, I maybe perhaps not so different gay man after all.

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Youki's Top 100 (1 to 47)
1 to 48 iPod top 100

Youki's Top 100 (48 to 94)
48 to 94 iPod top 100

I love jazz music, I love jazz music when eating out, I love it when having dinner or during late nights at home. I love listening to jazz when I want to day dream or to feel cozy and fuzzy inside.

Youki's Jazz collection, here are just some of them.
My Jazz Collection

My favorite chillout tracks, makes me want to turn on a red light and drink some ice cold beer. The playlist in Youki's box is titled Soothing
Soothing playlist

The set of tracks as posted below are just some of the best songs I know that I love to play during a nice lunch outdoors, or while drinking lemonade near the bay on a hot summer day.

Youki's Lunch playlist

This set of songs are what I always want to hear after dinner, these songs just makes me want to sway and dance.

Youki's Dinner Dance playlist
Dinner dance

Do you want a little sumthin' with your baby and want to keep the music playing? Here are the best songs to a steamy night, so you'll hit it just right.

Youki's A Little Sumthin' Sumthin' playlist
A little sumthin sumthin

Love, whether you're inlove, our just came out of it. This is the playlist I love to listen to no matter what I am in or just been to, it is all about love.

Youki's Love playlist


  1. omg oc karin sa itunes! i love it! :)

    and ako din! my friends think it's weird that i still buy cd's but i guess i'm just in love with the feeling of picking it out, paying for it, taking it home and looking through the inlay. and the liner notes? sobrang binabasa ko talaga sila lalo pag love ko yung artist.

    how do you feel about music one closing? parang sumusuko na sila sa mp3s.

  2. I felt sad when they closed, Music One is one of the few mall hangouts that I consider cozy, I can stay there for hours just browsing through CDs and listening to same free samples of songs. Sad. ;-(

  3. ikr! so many good memories. but oh well. video killed the radio star. itunes killed everybody. lol

  4. I like to hear other people's musical tastes (plus sometimes I can steal an artist I don't know and check them out for myself!). I just got a new computer and had to move my entire library over from the old one to the new one. I discovered some music I forgot I even had. Now I'm organizing everything efficiently and rediscovering some great stuff. How does anyone live without music?

  5. Some people actually can, those who'd rather listen to something else other than music. For us who can't, it is like cutting out air, if music is nowhere.

  6. I am your mini-me version. Except that my mp3s are better organized. Kahit sa itunes. Wahahaha!

  7. Mugen, physicall, mas malaki ka sa akin. Waaay bigger! :-p