Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Top 10s - Bands

This is the first part of my blog miniseries called My Top 10s. I will start the series by posting my top 10 most love and best bands so far. I grew up listening to these bands, but I really started listening to what I really like when I was already in high school, when I started to discover what world really is out there at the same time searching for who I truly am.

I like these bands because of the way they write and perform their songs. As for songs, in my opinion; lyrics are the heart and core of a song, how it is sung and performed is its soul.

Below are my Top 10 best bands so far... In no particular order. I can also say that this can be the top 10 list of the most depressing songs, ever.

Desperation and melancholy presented in a very beautiful way. Radiohead's songs are best listen to when raining and when one is severely depressed.

Cleanest in terms of vocals for a post-hardcore/hardcore band. Songs are mainly about soul searching and self healing, God, Jesus Christ, and Christian living.

One of the best bands to ever surface in the 90s. Their music evolved exquisitely good from one genre to another. Yet their core remains dark and full of love. They made some of the best heart wrenching, heart thumping songs I've ever known like Tonight, tonight; Stand Inside My Love, Disarm, and Ava Adore.

The band that etched their name in Philippine music history. Writing songs that reflect the minds, lives, and heartaches; of almost every young Filipino at their time.

From the Rivermaya days up to having his own band on his name. Bamboo's songs are lyrically diverse. Writing songs about politics to love to songs about being nationalistic. Bamboo has a distinct sound that is originally theirs.

Britain's best band to represent the European melancholia. Well, it's cold and wet in Europe and Coldplay's music is best suited for their weather. Hmm... I wonder that's one of the reasons why they have such a band name. With the mellow voice of the vocalist and instruments synching in whatever way, either electronically altered or otherwise; listening to Coldplay will give you that warm and fuzzy feeling whatever they are singing about.

Alternative at its best! The Goo Goo Dolls blends in different words to stir emotions, with such lyrics and with such sadness presented in a raw and straightforward way.

I'm just crazy... Crazy for you, baby! Words are just not enough to define the greatness of this band.

I discovered this band from a friend 5 years ago, and until now, few bands can write such mad lyrics as they can. They make the happiest and saddest music I have listened to. Below is a video (lyrics only) of one of the saddest songs I have ever known, You Could Be Happy.

Their video of the song Stolen made me buy my Red Converse Sneakers. This band has a Bohemianish theme to some of their songs, specially songs from their latest album Alter the Ending; and from their first single from the said album. Aside from the charming good looks of the vocalist Chris Carrabba, their songs have such charms as well, and are well balanced from hate and angst, to hopeful.


  1. E-heads = genius. They gave a voice to the discontented filipino youth. And it's not just the 90s youth. Their songs are timeless.

    Chris carraba demonstrates that you don't have to look emo to be emo. And he doesn't identify their music with any particular genre, which makes him a deviant in that subculture, but which also makes them genuine imo. Napanood mo na ba yung live acoustic rendition niya ng vindicated? Galeng niya dun.

    Ah, Coldplay. Letting go of pyrotechnics and instead focusing on producing brilliant material. Teka, alam mo ba yung bittersweet symphony ng the verve? May live performance sila nun with richard ashcroft. Galing din.

    Bamboo lang gusto mo? Ayaw mo sa rivermaya?

  2. ako gusto kong band Greenday, Hinder, Train, One Republic saka BoyceAvenue..hehehe

  3. Tatlo sa songs mo ang anthem ko.

    I know all the bands you have mentioned. Hehehehe!

  4. asan na ang spice girls at ace of base??