Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday Nudes

In my own opinion, nudity is the ultimate expression of freedom, and the purest and rawest form of beauty.

There was a nude shoot done in my condo earlier. My photographer friend who is into nudes brought a friend with him, the model. My place is his usual instant studio when his models are from QC. As usual, they're women, unfortunately we barely find men who are interested to pose nude these days. Earlier was the 3rd nude shoot done in my place. For the first one, I was the lighting assistant; the second and third, I was still the lighting assistant and P was the creative director and make-up artist, he is the one telling the model what poses to make to compliment their figure and face. Sometimes I get to shoot the models too. I had a few shots of the 2nd shoot done here, but I don't have shots that doesn't show the model's face, for privacy reasons, of course, I can't post the photos here. I have nude shots of myself in my "other" publicly open Flickr account, but I will not post 'em here. You guys already know why...

I wasn't able to flick a few shots of the model earlier, because my photographer friend was in hurry to go to work as well as P. One thing about earlier is that the model is young and me and my friend are into the hardcore nude... The model just wants a "pa-sweet" nude, no nipples, no flowers, no butt, just bare skin and not much face. I can do that, but there was just not much time, all three (P, the friend, the model) have to pack up and go to work. So I will just wait for another nude shoot to happen or for someone to offer his or her body to be shot by my Xian (camera).

After everyone left and I am all alone in my place, I was planning to do a nude self portrait. But no, not now, perhaps after a few more weeks, or on my birthday, me wearing just a birthday suit.

(after a few hours)

Alright, I did do a couple of shots of me naked. I can say that I am not at my best shape, but hey, as I said, nudity is the ultimate freedom. I am free to express however and whatever I want. So like a brave little boy... Here are some shots I did out of boredom and inspiration of the earlier photoshoot we did here at my place.

(after a few hours more)

NOTE: I have to delete my nude photo I posted earlier in this entry. My tats are clues to who I am. Note-to-self: Do not shoot any part of my body with tattoos.

Mr. Jack

Crystal drops

Shower Head

Come in to

Undying Love


  1. on the other hand, there are plenty of guys who wants to pose nude and asking me to shoot them...

  2. Nice... Go ahead and buy the cheap Studio Lights I told you about. If ever you need a place to shoot your boys, my place is free on some days, just let me know in advance.

    By the way, have you bought the Umbrella you want?

  3. i don't know what draws me to black and white photographs but i'll pick them any day over the colored ones. i love Sustenance and Come in to white.

  4. Thank you very much, Orally. Black and whites has a a feel of mystery, it both hides and shows something that we don't normally see in full color, or we do not need to see on the other hand. Plus, it gives a deep, old feel to photographs, there's a soft but commanding presence to it.

  5. Ohhh! Iba ang dating sa akin nung Sustenance at The Head. Hahaha

  6. Dahan dahan akong nag scroll down. Di ko kasi sure kung NSFW. Lol. Not really into photography so I can't tell if the shots were good or not. I just really admire your passion for this. Makes me want to go for mine too.

  7. thanks po for visiting my blog!

    nweiz, uber like ko ung shot mu kay Mr.Jack
    and the flowers!
    black and white lang mga colors nila which i find uber interesting.. hehe

  8. @Mugen: Nakuha mo ang gust ong iparating! Nice! Ikaw pa lang ang nakakagets. LOL! Wahahah!

    @Ex Jason: NSFW? Nassan Si Father Woods? LOL! Just go for what makes you happy, go for your passion. It may not be your source of income but it will surely be your source of happiness, so go! :-)

    @Ceiboh: Thanks! ;-)

  9. How is there no reflection in the mirror in Come In To White? Are you a vampire?

  10. wow, nice shots man...i really like mr. jack and the flowers but mr. jack really stands out! mr. jack is kinda like a scene from a movie...very strong..i really really like it! good job..

  11. Jack is from the movie Nightmare before Christmas. :-)

    I'm glad you like the photographs.

  12. Yeah.

    Been blogging even before I learned to tinker with my camera.

    Thank you for sharing your place with me whenever I need a nice location for my nudes. I'm halfway through, almost there. And then we go with the exhibit. I've been shooting relentlessly. Time is my worst enemy.

    If you're free, we shoot again in your place. As promised, I can shoot you, too.

    You know who I am. :)

  13. I am a sucker for monochromatic photography... In a way it sharpens the emotion of a still life or a person's expression...i guess it's because there's no colors to distract the eyes from what a photo wants to represent...