Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A rosy Sunday

One Sunday morning, P decided to pick me up after work. The guards opened the huge glass doors both left and right, I walked out of the building's main entrance. The main entrance was elevated a few feet above the pedestrian walkway, so there's a flight of stairs going to and from the main door. It was a few minutes past 5:00 AM, the sky is still dark and the smell of cigarettes fills the morning air as there were quite a lot of people taking their lunch and 15 minutes break outside.

I saw P not far away, standing nearby at the edge of the pedestrian walkway and the asphalt road. As I walk down the short flight of stairs and approaching him, he smiled, and presented four red roses.

We walked to the bus stop with me carrying the bunch red roses and his left arm over my shoulder.

Sunday Rose
This is the photo of the three red roses P gave me. I stored them away for keepsake; it is now dry but the memories are as fresh as the day he gave them to me.


  1. I'm glad things are turning around for you. :) Good thing you never gave up on him.

  2. uy aurora boulevard caught my attention.
    dried roses. i have them too. =)

  3. Canonista,

    I think every girl knows... there is nothing like flowers =)


  4. Nice! Hehe. three red roses. that sounds familiar. Rings a bell two years ago? hahaha. :D

  5. @Fred: Parang hindi rose yun eh... Hmm.. Binigyan mo kaya ako ng halaman na may bulaklak. Kasi ayaw mo ng rose.