Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Top 10s - Why I love Mr. P

10. Helps me heal my wounds in spite of him getting hurt in the process.
09. Changed himself to fit and get in the half-opened door I have.
08. He accepted me despite of the number of flaws I have.
07. He has a very long patience with my childishness.
06. Is picking up the pieces of my broken heart.
05. Gives light and warmth to my cold home.
04. He fights the darkness in me.
03. He hasn't given up on me.
02. He makes me laugh.
01. He's still here.

We might never understand why people stay or leave in our lives. The most important, are those who stay.


  1. the best literature amongst are those that shows gratitude over something dear to the author.

    "Some people complete our lives just by simply breathing next to us." :)

  2. The most important asset you have now is HIM.

  3. For love really never dies but only heals.



  4. nice. ang isang tao ay nakatadhana sa isang tao rin dito sa ating mundo. :)