Friday, September 3, 2010

Huling paalam

Isa na lamang tayong alaala ng isa't isa.

And I deleted his numbers after posting this entry.

So let this love begin.


  1. Nah, we did not break up. This is a much needed and a long awaited "healing" process of mine from something else.

  2. yep. you can't get any far while chained to some big cold rock.

    let's all move forward. ;l

  3. naguluhan ako. you did not break up, pero you deleted his number, then " so let this love begin"

  4. the first step is always the hardest. i wish u luck. :)

  5. @Alterjon: True. We may lose the future if we keep lingering the past. However, sometime, the past creates our future.

    @Anonymous: I was still holding to broken memories while someone new is already with me.

    @citybuoy: thank you. that one, for this.... I need much.