Friday, April 29, 2011


To close this month of April, I am letting go of some important aspects of my life;  Facebook is one in particular. As of this writing, my Facebook account is going to be deleted in a few minutes. I will let go of some of the uploaded photographs that I don't have a single copy, but most (90%) of the photos in FB are saved in my portable hard drive... So it is not much of a big loss. Important contacts may be lost, but I still have connections of friends that can lead me back to them, so we'll still be in touch. I cannot explain (yet) why I am going to delete my Facebook account containing 1,349 friends and acquaintances, someday I will. I have collected and saved all the past poems I have uploaded in that account. Thus, I will post all of them here, one poem/post for each day. Therefore, May will be poetry and moving on month. It's moving on but revisiting almost 3 years worth of my Facebook or documented history. The theme for May will be... Looking Back and Moving on.  Not that I have a particular theme every month; but with the number of poems and other posts I have saved from my soon to be deleted Facebook account, it will be almost like I have a theme for next month.

First, Planet Romeo, now Facebook. Perhaps one day I will go back to Facebook, but not now. Deleting my account will not be "that" hard, really. I am ready to delete it any time.

8:52 AM Manila time... Facebook options... Temporary, your account will be deactivated....

Remember, you can reactivate at any time by logging in with your email and password, although you must have access to your current login email address. Also note that your admin status in any groups or events will not be automatically restored after activation.


"I have another Facebook account." - Now this one does not have any options given, meaning once I hit confirm, everything will be deleted.

I will miss Facebook and all my friends there. However, I want a clean start. I still have the photos, hmm.. but what about the tagged photos? Although there are free applications out there that will enable me to download all those photos.

 9:00 AM Manila Time... I chose...

"Your account has been deactivated
To reactivate your account, log in using your old login email and password. You will be able to use the site like you used to.
We hope you come back soon."

So there.. Until the day I decide to go back to that exciting web of connections, Facebook. Goodbye. I have to let you go, for now.

To close this entry, here is a song I just discovered around an hour ago, with my portable Hard Drive unplugged, I browsed Youtube for some videos that might inspire me to write and ease this feeling inside as well as to send a message across (the room). So I found a perfect video from M-Flo featuring Yoshika, which is a very fitting video for my endeavors. Give it a listen and read the translated lyrics too. The song is really nice!

Let Go

Let Go 
by: M-Flo loves YOSHIKA
Translated by: Malraux

How things stand, I couldn't just forget you 
I can't just shut you away 
While I know that we couldn't let it get any deeper 
No matter what, I've got to let you know how I feel 
Especially when I'm giving it all I've got 
I want your heart boy, even if it's just for one moment 

I'm still drowning in this love that cannot be 
I don't want to wake from this dream can't let go
It's selfish, but I don't care 
I want your unwavering love right here 

Come one now baby, come on... 

It all started off with "Hey how you doin'?" 
A love story wound open as we met eye to eye 
And now, I'm left wondering "do love and loss come as a set?" 
Time stands still, even though I left you 

I make myself believe that I'm alright 
Though it hurts my heart for you not to be by my side 
Just wanderin' if you feel the same 
I wanna see if these feelings are for real 

Idling away your life doesn't make you nobody 
So don't be afraid, loosen up your reins 
If you wanna be free, let go... I'm tellin' you 
EGO is terrorism of the heart 

So, just listen 

Though sweet and silent time passes by 
My body, its breaking apart, boy why does it have to be like this? 

I'm envoloped by dark anxiety. (I feel like I'm going to break.) 
Oh why do I try to monopolise love? 
All without saying a thing 
All I want is for your love to be right here 

I lept aboard just as the Love Train's doors began to shut 
A man who doesn't like to wait, straight no chase 
Speeding towards the reality we now face. run, run run, 
The hands on my watch don't stop 
The magic that only works once, the key to destiny 
How suddenly things changed, it ridicules logic 
Don't hurry and Mr. Heartbreak might stay 
Rewind, fade, the memory returns 

Tell me how to be free 
Oh baby, oh baby 
Will my heart be free 
So tell me even for just a moment

Translated lyrics from 


  1. Hmm. We're not FB friends, but I do value the connection it brings to real friends. Unlike you, I don't have 1,349 friends. I tried to keep my account as meaningful and as personal as possible. That's why it would be hard to delete it, if ever.

    I'm sure you have your reasons. I just hope that it's not to shut out the world around you. Good vibes, bro!

  2. Hmmm. extreme :) pero ayus lang. nandito naman ang blog mu eh.

  3. Aabangan ko ang mga poems mo kuya! :)

  4. I never got to add you there, kuya. Sigh. But one day, I hope you figure it out. :)

  5. Basta wag ka mawawala dito ha. I know its a fresh start for you. Soar high, ikaw naman ang planetship ngayon. Hehe.

  6. @Papajay: Agents just add me up both from my previous company and to where i am working now. I don't want to be snob, after all, they are our front liners and I need them for work to be smooth sailing. I am not shutting out the world, I am protecting the people around me, that's why I deactivated the Facebook account of mine.

    @Nowitzki: This blog will always be here as long as I am breathing. :-)

    @Nimmy: Thank you! I counted all the poems and I think there are 37 of them all in all, including a few posts of certain interests.

    @Spiral Prince: Everything is already figured out. ;-)

    @Mugen: I think you know why I deleted my Facebook account. Yes, I will not disappear from this blogging world, not until I stopped breathing. Writing has always been one of my passions and my frustration at the same time. Yes, this is a fresh start for me, and soon... another fresh start.

  7. My Facebook account is something I don't think I can ever delete. Deactivate, maybe. But not delete.

    What's so special about Planet Romeo? Isn't it only filled with guys who wanna hook up or something as superficial?

  8. @Myk: You are partly correct about Planet Romeo. As for my personal experience with the website even when it was Guys4men... It is not all about hookups or anything superficial. I knew a couple of unforgettable, important, and influential characters from that site. I met one of the most influential man (The Bohemian Child) in my life in Guys4men. I met one of my exes (Fred) in Guys4men. I found one important and a very good friend (Mugen) in Planetromeo, I met one of my exes (soon to be revealed) in Planetromeo. I owned an account in that website for years, but only met (literally) a few good men, so few I can count them in one hand. Let's include Downelink, I found a very dear friend (PH Boy) through Downelink.

    To summarize, there are quite a few good men in those websites. However, the convenience of technology and the nature of men's overpowering libido gets in the way of something more deep and meaningful. Friendship.

    NOTE: Stories behind the names mentioned will be blogged soon.