Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodbye Happiness

This was Utada's last single before she retired, just released this year.

Single version

Live version. I think this was from her final concert.

Translated Lyrics:
After the sweet candy has disappeared
A sad looking little boy
On a cloudless Summer Day

Sunburnt hands and feet
Careless if her white one piece gets dirty
An unconscious paradise

I waited after the dream, but nothing
Then one day, I learned of your name

So Goodbye Loneliness
Singing along to a love song
Reflected in your eyes, I’m laughing

So Goodbye Happiness
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
But that’s okay
Love me

You can’t overthink it or get too desperate
Don’t fool yourself
It’s a tough world

When humans find themselves all alone
Is when they realize the meaning of love

These fading passing days
Let me hear a gentle song
Do you still remember, to this day
The way we felt around the time we met

So Goodbye Innocence
We can’t return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
It’s all your fault
Kiss me

Oh everything goes round and around
Oh Darling Darling I’m not going to move on to someone else
Only you

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just live the way we are?
At crucial moments, my other self blocks my way.

So Goodbye Happiness
I want to return to those times
When we were naive and energetic
Baby, just one more time
Kiss me

Lyrics courtesy of: lyric


  1. love her!! even if she sings japanese songs

  2. It's too bad that she's retiring. :(

  3. @Hard2getxxx: She has a lot of english songs, she has several english albums too! I love her too.

    @Papa Jay: Yeah, she wants a different life, away from the lime light.

    @Sprial Prince: Sad ng lyrics no?

    @Nowitzki: I love her too!

    @Kalansaycollector: Maraming kanta si Utada na happy beats pero ang "emo" ng lyrics.

  4. isa ito sa pinakasweet na japanese song na pinapatugtug ko palagi...-

  5. still the same utada that i knew <3. peppy song but there's an underlying theme of bitterness. i actually got depressed when she said she was gonna go on hiatus but indefinitely.