Saturday, April 2, 2011

JPOP Addiction (part 1)

It all started when I began watching animes, this was back when I was a little kid. It grew even more when I started watching Japanese Music Videos in MTV (back in the days when it was till free). Until the addiction was irreversible, I started buying cassettes of Utada Hikaru, then eventually CDs. When Angel bought me a desktop computer, I consistently downloaded a huge number of MP3 files as well as JPOP music videos. Until I started to self learn Nihongo, so I can watch animes in Animax without reading the subtitles.

Until this day, I still enjoy listening to JPOP. I don't just get the songs that we usually hear in the opening or closing credits of animes . I also get the usual songs that they play in Japanese airwaves, even whole albums of some the Japanese artists I like. I just have this fascination in anything Japanese, specially literature, music, and food; and Japan is my dream country to go to. There is something fascinatingly nice when I listen to their songs even if I don't understand what the singer is singing about, at all. As long as it sounds great, it's fine with me.

With the Kpop craze conquering the world, I still remain loyal to Jpop. I have listened to Kpop songs, and they are very "poppish" and some Kpop artists tend to overdo stuff, like men looking like "girly-boys". Although some are very mature and are a great listen, the language is not the same. I still want the usual Japanese words I hear. Generally, listening to songs one does not understand is crazy, but as I've said, as long as it sounds good, I'll listen to it, but I still prefer JPOP over Kpop. Even though I despise a lot of pop songs these days, Jpop is still the pop I love and will always be.

Here are some of Jpop videos I just want to share. The first video is one of the best Japanese ballads I've ever listened to, and it's 7 minutes long. The last two videos are the ones that I have been playing on loop since the first time I've discovered them and I can't help but to sing along to those songs, every time. They are just on repeat whenever I play them in my iTunes, in youtube or on my phone. The song by Juju (2nd video) has been playing non-stop for more than a day now (as of this writing). Enjoy watching the videos, I hope you'll like them too!

NOTE: I highly recommend the last 2 videos!

Everything - Misia

素直になれたら - Juju

Heart Station - 宇多田ヒカル

NOTE: The Heart Station video is the reason why I am constantly "salivatingly" craving for those white Audio Technica ATH-SQ5 headphones which were used in the video! Some electronic and Mac stores have it here, but it's so damn expensive. P7++k was its price last year, the last time I checked a Mac store in SM North this year, it's down to P5++k, still expensive! (sigh)


  1. I am also a fan of JPop. Anime OST nga lang. I don't go beyond that. Ever since I became aware of anime's I always wonder and was always amazed how they put effort on making opening and ending songs. And every season they change it!

  2. Hay ako din big fan ng JPOP at KPOP
    love ko din si uatada hikaru at si ken hirai

  3. I love JPOP! ahaha :) namention ko na sayu once diba about my undying fandom with DEPAPEPE and of course, the greatest anime and games music composer, Kajiura Yuki! Parehas tayu, ahaha. my fascination with the Japanese culture started with the animes :)

  4. i also got hooked to jpop because of utada. the first time i heard her was the strangest feeling ever. and then poof. JPOP addict.

  5. @Xall Perce: The first ever anime soundtrack that I was able to memorize was Voltes V's, that was when I was still 5 years old. LOL! True, Ghostfighter's soundtrack was nice as well as Rayearth's.

    @Hard2getxxx: Ken Hirai is amazing.

    @Yep, I remember you mentioned Depapepe, they're just amazing!

    @린코: I was addicted to Jpop in general when I first heard her! :-)

    @everyone: Hikki fans unite!