Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A practical guide on choosing a DSLR (Canon bodies only)

There so many options for potential buyers out there, whether one is a beginner or an advanced enthusiast or perhaps a professional. So many brands and models to fit a lot of budgets. For me, I chose an entry level body that fit my budget that time, with features that I think are enough for my needs and a camera body that will grow with me as my skills improve. I will definitely buy lenses in the near future, but a body? That will depend if my shooting style will be more demanding.

Here are things to consider before swiping that plastic card or withdrawing a hefty amount of bills from your stash. The tips are more focused on first time photography enthusiasts and first time DSLR buyers.

1.) Why do you want to have a DSLR? - This is something that you may want to think of first before buying one. A DSLR body ranges from prices of around P25k for a sub entry level body, to around P35k-P45k for an entry level body, around P50k-P60k for a mid level DSLR, and P70k up to P400k for professional levels. Why you want to have this type of camera is important because you don't want to spend a significant amount of cash for something that you will just use occasionally. Unless, you have very deep pockets.

2.) What and where are you going to shoot? - This will be more about lenses, but camera bodies will have something to say too. If you are going to shoot sports or you want to freeze a single moment out of something that is happening very quickly like in sports, rallies, performance, festivities, or anything that involves a lot of action, you may want a body that shoots a lot of frames in a single second. 3.5 fps(Frames Per Second) is enough to freeze a moment in most parties, but that is significantly slow in sports and capturing news as it happens. You may miss a lot of good shots with only 3 frames per second, some entry level cameras are like that. The higher the level of the camera, the faster they shoot, meaning the more frames they can capture in a second, except for the case of the Canon 60D. the Canon 60D's fps speed is slower than it's predecessor the 50D, slower than the 7D (of course), but a bit faster than Rebel cameras (like what I have). Another thing to think about in what do you want to shoot is outdoor exposure, how often are you going to shot outdoors? Are you going to shoot in the moist outdoors of the mountains, or perhaps in any extreme weather conditions of any given place? Then you may want a body that is weather sealed. The more expensive cameras in the Canon line with 1 digit model numbers are the cameras for you, the bodies are made of magnesium alloy and are weather sealed, meaning you can take photographs under a drizzle, out in the fog, and the body is not afraid of a little splash here and there, but take note; being weather sealed is different from being waterproof.

3.) Budget - How much are you willing to shell out for a DSLR body? Remember, prices go down as the years go by and as new models come out. If you want a camera now or sooner, consider your budget.

4.) Usage - Similar to some statements in numbers 1 and 2. Usage is something to consider. Are you someone who can see something else in a particular scene that nobody else does? Do you like pretty pictures and wants to have his own set of pretty pictures too? Do you see photography as an art form and you want to express your feelings? Are you a photojournalist? Does your job require you to have a camera that can take a lot of beating through rough assignments? If you are new photography and looking for your first DSLR body, do you see yourself as an advanced hobbyist or an enthusiast sometime in the future or perhaps a professional photographer somewhere in the future? If you are not new to photography but considering your first DSLR body, what's your budget and what and where are you going to shoot?

4.) Read reviews - You can learn a lot and compare . Below are some websites that offers excellent camera gear reviews.

However, with all the above statements, it all boils down to skill and talent. Having the best DSLR body one can buy does not usually equate to great photographs.

Here are some resellers of photography gear for your guys to check out.


DP Online/JT Photo

Henry's Camera

Remember, it is not always the tool, but how you use it.


  1. nice post.. thanks... I was actually planning to buy one for me.... ehehehe... thanks bro

  2. i need this too.I'm planning to buy one at ayokong pagsisihan later on kung bakit ito ang binili ko and dami kasing pagpipilian nakakagulo.Pag first timer at zero knowledg talaga ako sa DSLR. Pero enjoy ko ang photography kaya gusto ko.

  3. Thanks for sending this link! very informational.