Thursday, April 28, 2011

JPOP Addiction (part 3): Utada Hikaru (live)

I think by this time most of you already know that I am so much addicted to Utada Hikaru. She is on top of my most favorite artists of all, ever! I wanted so much to go to one of her concerts, too bad she's already retired, at age 27. However, she left us with her timeless music, immortalized.

For a change, here is a playlist of some her songs, all live versions. This is dedicated to all Jpop listeners out there, specially to all Utada Hikaru fans! Songs in the playlist are from her Bohemian Summer(2000) and Utada United(2006) concerts.

Music Playlist at


  1. tsk tsk she retired? OMG! love her too

  2. i love her! jpop = utada hikaru

  3. HUWAWAWAWAWAW!!! :) I love J-pop. and I love Utada Hikaru :)