Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rising numbers; population and unemployment

World oil prices also rely on political stability of the countries where it is harvested or the stability of the countries surrounding its source. Transportation of barrels of oil relies on some of the said factors, and we cannot do a lot on those aren't we? One thing most of us has control, is the country's population growth.

In the local scene, the RH bill raised(and still raising) a lot of controversy across all walks of life and across all beliefs. Personally, I am pro RH Bill. I have been ranting on the country's fast population growth ever since my mind was opened on what poverty means. I saw first hand how the masses multiply by bearing one baby after another and yet, the head of the household earns barely enough to feed all the hungry mouths of the household. In time, those hungry babies and kids will become teenagers and adults, they will either be a useful part of the country's workforce or of the growing number of the unemployed. Poverty is indeed one root of unemployment, because of lack of skill or education for those who cannot afford to; they are having a hard time getting hired.

I do believe that population control is one major key to pull our country from its third world status. We share a common factor with other third worlds, an ever rising population. We do have a lot of openings in many industries, but the lack of skill of the existing workforce makes it more challenging for companies to hire qualified personnel. However, realistically speaking, there are not enough jobs in the country for everyone, that's why many seek opportunities abroad, thus, high population finds its way in the niche of the problem.

Regarding population control, the clash between the so called "conservative" part of society and those who are sane enough to promote what is practical and realistic, are such amusement and annoyance; can't we all just pass the bill (RH bill) and get on with our lives? I am not writing to promote that said bill (yes, I want that bill to be passed), but to rant my feelings about how ignorant or close minded some people and sectors of society can be on the consequences of improper family planning, unsafe sex, and the ballooning population of our country. 


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