Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Quick Guide to Canon's camera line-up

I have been a Canon user since my first digicam. My very first camera was a point and shoot Minolta film camera. My point and shoots were all Canon, so therefore, my DSLR body is also a Canon. I am already quite familiar with Canon's camera lineup due to a lot of research done when I was selecting my camera body. I have nothing against Nikon, but my choice of camera body simply depends on what I have used and learned to use ion the past. I learned more about photography using Canon cameras, therefore I choose Canon cameras. It's as simple as that.

NOTE: X = number

XXXXD - 1000D/1100D
These cameras are the sub-entry level or entry level type of cameras, they are cheap and have the most basic functions of a DSLR. Canon just recently launched the 1100D that comes with HD video recording capabilities and they come in several colors! Oh by the way, I learned that the 1100D bodies has built in remote trigger functions for external flash units, no need to buy radio remotes!

XXXD - 350D/450D/500D/550D/600D
This is the entry level line of Canon. It has high definition video recording and a jack for an external mic(550D). The fps is a bit faster than XXXXD series, built-in noise reduction feature is useful, and feels more solid than the lower models.

XXD - 30D/40D/50D/60D
Semi-pro models start in this line. Predecessors of the 60D has a magnesium alloy body, which makes it more durable but heavier. 60D is the first XXD model to have a plastic body, but sports a multi swivel LCD, it has video recording too. XXD line of cameras has significant weather sealing and the 60D has built in filters as well as a built in remote flash trigger function.

XD - 7D/5D/1D
Professional line starts here, all bodies are made of solid magnesium alloy bodies and all are bulky and heavy, all are weather sealed and can take a beating in all shooting situations, specially the ID.

I read somewhere that the nature photographer cleans his Canon 1D using a water spray bottle to rinse out the dirt.

The fps are fast, video recording is outstanding, they have more focus points. The 7D has a built in level meter which is useful when hand holding your camera and knowing whether you are holding it straight enough. Full Frame sensors start at the 5D, and the 1D does not have a flash but has a built in battery grip. 6 digit price range starts at the 5D as well.


  1. Bilang mahirap ako ngayon (dahil wala kong permanent job) target ko ang 500D or 550D, hopefully by the end of this March.
    galing! sayang, sana pwede rin may external mic yung 500D.
    big help, thanks! pag nakabili na ko papaturo ako ha..yay! hehe ;D

  2. @DB:O ba! Tututoran nga kita 'di ba? Sabihin mo lang. :-) Camera ko pala e 500D. Two years ko na siyang camera this year, happy nqman kami together, sayang nga at wala siyang jack para sa external mic.

  3. thanks for this kuya! hehe. this is very helpful!

  4. Very informative fafa! sana makapag one-on-one session ako with you hahaha