Tuesday, August 10, 2010

None Sense

There is really nothing much to write right now. My mind is blank but I really want to write something... As I think of something to write I am listening to Zooey Deschanel's songs, her voice just makes me feel all cozy and warm. Good music and a good wine makes the mood all nice. Add a few sticks of cigarettes and a pack of nips. All that is missing is a soft downpour of rain.

I switched to Depapepe a few minutes after. I'm on my second glass of wine.

Switched to Luna Sea on my third glass of wine and after two bars of cloud nine, still, not much to write.

4th stick of cigarette, Maaya Sakamoto songs are now playing in my iTunes. Thinking of what to buy for my hobby. I thought that I really want the Lensbaby composer lens with the double glass optic. That would be really nice for urban street shots. I haven't done any street shooting for a while. I miss walking long distances and getting lost while at it. I remember the first time I went for a photowalk in Binondo. I was alone and it was a sunny Sunday afternoon (or was it a Monday?). I walked all the way from the Manila post office to Binondo to Quiapo, and to whereever, back to Binondo, then onwards to Intramuros, that was a very grueling photowalk. I started at 2pm and was finished at 8pm, 6 hours of walking. I got lost in dark alley ways, almost got hit by a kalesa and greeted by the shop attendants in Chinatown, and greeted by the homeless people who live in somewhere in that place full of abandoned buildings along the Pasig river. It was quite an adventure.

Now staring at that last piece of cloud 9 bar after consuming a pack of Nips. I suddenly thought about my weight. I haven't lost any pounds yet. I'm getting frustrated. The shirts I bought last year wouldn't fit me anymore! I don't want to buy new shirts. I want to dress up this halloween as Ikkaku Madarame, that bald guy in the anime Bleach. Bleach, I hate that anime, but I like that Ikkaku guy, just because he is bald and thin. I used to be thin, and I want to model nude for my friend Gardo.

Ayumi Hamasaki, singing Seasons in Youtube. I love this song. It has been more than a decade since I got this fascination and addiction to anything Japanese.

At this point of writing I searched and played a song of the Japanese duo I Wish. I first heard of them years back, when I was still living in Marikina. We have Skycable there, so there's Animax. Back to fascination for anything Japanese... Yes it has been more than a decade. It started with Sailormoon (so gay, right?), then with Rayearth, I was hooked, then came Utada Hikaru... I'm so addicted.

(1 hour later)Eating peanut butter sandwich while watching live-action Sailormoon in Youtube.

That's all from me with this nonsense post.

I leave you guys for now with the theme song from Magic Knight Rayearth, one of my most favorite anime from back then.


  1. Kami't narito
    magtatanggol sa inyo
    makikipaglaban para sa kinabukasan?

    Tama ba yung Filipino dub ko? Hehehe.

  2. Kami'y narito asahan niyong magtatanggol~

    ABS-CBN. Sunday. Pag sabado naman eh slayers.

    Lol. At hobby mo din palang maligaw. Nice nice.

  3. nah, but I like this post. don't just label it like that. :)

    'thin' and 'slim' are unfriendly words for me. you don't know what you're askin'. mahirap. sobra. hahaa - just get leaner.

  4. Kami'y narito
    Asahan niyo magtatanggol
    Para sa Kapayapaan...


    @Mugen: Almost! Wahahaha!

    @Jason: Mali! Sabado ang Rayearth, at kasunod nun Slayers. O Slayers muna bago Rayearth? Wala masyadong cartoons sa channel 2 kapag linggo, ang cartoons kapag linggo eh mga pangbaby yata. Tama ba...? Alam ko kapag Linggo kasi hapon na ako nanonood ng TV. Hmm...

    @Alterjon: I used to be thin and lean. I miss that body. :-p The abs, the v-cut on my thighs and groin. My chiseled face, my long collarbones.

  5. I think rayearth muna bago slayers. :|
    mmmm i'm thinking, are you a cosplayer? Hahaha nabanggit mo kasi gusto mong magcosplay or napunta ka sa events to shoot them? :)

  6. King, I have lots of anime mp3's. one of my favorite to.. Yuzurenai negai

  7. hi canonista

    nice blog yung pag pagbibigay mo ng saya sa ibang tao ehh ibang level. nice yung mga post mo sobrang sweet pa nung P! mo P means? dapat mo na makuntento dyan sa P! mo he is so sweet kung may medyo may mali mas magandang ayusin kasi lahat nabasa ko blog mo dito lang ako nag comment. iam POZ may rason pa pala para mabuhay . iwas na sa pork sa beef kasi sabe mo di ka pa din pumapayat.
    advice para sa 2nd chance mo walang masamang mag adjust pero dapat kaw din mag adjust kung nagawa nya un dahil sa love maging masaya ka pero pag sobra masama. walang masama magmahal pero dapat sa sarili mo alam mo na tama o mali baka naman kasi naghahanap ka pa? walang tama tao sa para sa aten lalo na sa saket naten pero dapat ka makuntento dahil kung hindi mo kaukuha ang gusto mo. giving him a chance walang masama pero naisip mo ba na may kasalanan ka din ? sa mga post mo dito so nice kakattuwa kahit ano basta sabhin ng puso gagawin mo nice one . thanks sa pagbibigay mo tahakin namen ang iyong buhay.

  8. Ay magkasunod ba sila? Di ko maalala. Lol. Confident na confident pa man din ako. Ang naaalala ko pag hapon ng sunday ng hapon eh showbiz linggo na. Lol.