Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The cry of a heart's apocalypse

I have this friend at work, his code name is Oracle. When not at work, he lurks on the universe of the internet, seeking a retreat in the wired and wireless forest of the world wide web, aside from his sleep, where he escapes to this altered reality he calls a dream.

He is one of the usually unusual 3 men I talk to at work, daily. They are... The Torpe Nerd, The Strange Musician, and the Blue Techie. Oracle is the Blue Techie, aside from figuratively speaking he has experienced several cases of the "blue screen of death"in his weird wired life. Of the three, he is the most apocalyptically broken. Note, those three do not talk to each other nor they are friends. They are my friends, but they are not friends. Complicated, yes.

I will write more about the three stoogies or rather, my 3 strange friends at work sometime in the future. For now, I want to share this text message Oracle sent me during one of those "episodal" nights (which was the other day) he has been having lately. This is posted with permission from him. I find it heart breaking, and some people out there may be able to relate themselves to his message of his.

"Strange noh? No matter how you want something to last, there will always be a goodbye... But you never can let go, you never really say goodbye, time stands still and you're just there, wishing the person you said goodbye to would turn around and look at you again. Day after day, time stands still for you, while the rest of the world moves on. Surrounded by the people who loves you, who would do anything for you, surrounded by the warmth of a thousand candles giving light to your dark empty heart, and you still feel empty... Like your soul died and left your heart beating, beating that empty rhythm that has neither purpose nor substance... A nobody walking this Earth, too ignorant to see that the heart has given up and eternal rest is its only respite".

This is a prelude to "Memory Girl".


  1. "When you learn to let go of the world, is the time you achieve Nirvana."

    Gautama Buddha

  2. Jesus! I don't know what to say.

    Maybe that's why I love Celine Dion's "Immortality"

    "We won't say goodbye..."
    the song goes...