Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cape no. 7

This happened in May 2, 2010. It was a nice Sunday morning, I spent a few hours hanging out at the smoking area in front of our office building thinking of whether to shoot photographs in Luneta Park, Paco Park, or Intramuros. My camera backpack is quite heavy, it has clothes in it aside from my shooting gear and I don't want to waste such a nice day going home to my place and just staring at the white walls all day or getting hypnotized online. So with some cigarette sticks, I went thinking, think, think, think. I then started to walk towards the direction of RCBC Plaza because my feet are already itching to walk. A few blocks after, I then decided to why not just buy some nice DVDs and spent the rest of the day at home and watch then hibernate afterwards. I then went to iHooked near Pasong Tamo. Spent a couple of hours until Makati Cinema Square opens.

Yes, I went DVD hunting in Makati Cinema Square, I have no idea on what DVDs I will be buying. I spent several hours thinking and browsing stuff until I spotted a stack of old Filipino movies in this particular stall. I slowly broswed through it and I've seen so many movies that I've watched when I was alittle kid. Then some classics caught my attention, I quickly asked the attendant girl on how much each costs, she said with a smile "60 Pesos", cheap, for old hard to find stuff.. I just wished that these DVD copies are clear enough.

I then browsed more movies, I learned that there are two kinds of DVDs being sold, one has the more elaborate and clear packaging that sells for P60 each, then there's the ordinary packed DVDs that sells for P50 each. I asked the people who sells the DVDs if there are any difference aside from the packaging... they said none. I bought the P60 kind, I want my DVDs beautiful and well packaged. I never bothered to haggle for a cheaper price, they're pirated, they're cheap, that's it.

After several hours browsing for DVD's and with a limited budget I chose 4 very old Filipino classic movies... "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang", a Lino Brocka film that stars Lolita Rodriguez and Christopher De Leon, I heard great reviews about this film. "Pahiram ng Isang Umaga", Ishmael Bernal film, I have watched this film when I was 5 years old or older... I think, I know this movies is an awesome one. "Turuang Apoy, I don't know what this movie is about, but based on the pictures that are printed on a piece of bond paper folded into two that served as the DVD's cover; it's a cheap, sleazy kind of film, a cheap porno back in those days; I bought it to see the beauty of good old soft porn! "Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag", another classic by the legendary director Lino Brocka; I know I have watched this before but I barely remember the story, I know this film is so good! Those are the four local old films I bought, Then I bought 2 Western films...

The western films I bought are... "500 days os Summer", an ex-date introduced me to this film, we watched several clips of this film and I found it really nice, great soundtrack too! "Shutter Island", I wanted to watch this on the big screen but did not get a chance to, hmm.. I wonder why.

Here are the Asian films that caught my attention... "Warrior and the Wolf", I bought it because of the cover, I found it really nice. "Cape no. 7", no english whatsoever written on the package, but the very beautiful postcard like cover and the photo of a guy singing at the back of the package, made me want to buy the DVD copy.

When I arrived at home, I stripped down and took a shower. I was so proud of my body then, I was lean with the right curves and bony edges showing at the right places. Suddenly, I remembered the days when I was young and have joined this cheap contest called Mr. Colt 45 of the night at Jeff's bar/cafe in Ermita, I was a teenager back then and I was against 4 other hunky contestants. Got plenty of free drinks plus a little cash to spend that night as a prize for winning 3rd place. Not bad for a short kid that's not working out and a bit anti-social.

After a while of lounging around naked at my place (which I usually do). I picked a red checkered pair of boxers, prepared extra buttery popped corn, prepared some stuffy thick pillows on the bamboo carpet and started watching.

I watched "Cape no. 7" first, and all I can say is, wow! I was talking to myself the whole time while watching it, I was giggling alone, I was feeling kind of fuzzy all over and was all smiles! I just wanted to blurt out how beautiful the story is, and how beautiful the setting is. The main character is just so, so, so, so, very handsome with such an appeal. You know the suplado, don't-talk-to-me-unless-I-talk-to-you type, the mysterious type, the what-the-hell-is-your-problem type, with looks to match, plus he sings, he writes, and plays a musical instrument? That's him, those are the characteristics of the main guy in this movie. Amazing!

The movie is bilingual, but of course, it has correct subtitles. The movie is bilingual because some of the characters are Japanese, and most are Taiwanese. The setting is in a province in Taiwan. This movie is very light, not much drama, but will make you ask some questions like "why", "what happened", "where is..." and more "WHYs", as the movie progresses.

"Cape no. 7" is just simply... BEAUTIFUL! Location, soundtrack, cinematography, plot, the characters, the "kilig factor" will really kill you! Not to mention the hunkness factor of the protagonist. I am not really a fan of feel-good movies, but this is an exceptional one. This is worth watching if you want a light, comfort movie to either watch alone or with your special someone. Just watch the trailer below to have a look at it yourself and judge if this movie is worth your 60 pesos of a good pirated version. I judged the movie based on its cover, and I was not wrong about it. I'm glad I did it that way.



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