Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surprise candlelight dinner

surprise dinner

It was around 7 AM and I was tired from a long day at work, I was walking towards my building, I looked at the sky and it was cloudy, "nice, I hope it rains soon" I said to myself. As I climb up the stairs, I thought "Okay, just a few more floors to go and I will be at home and will lay my tired body on my big bed and have a long sleep. I was expecting no one at home but me.

To my surprise, the Japanese table was at the middle of the micro-living-area full of scented tea candles and food for two was prepared. The warm air smelled of citrus and Sonia's album (a favorite Bossa Nova singer) was playing softly in the background and candles in little teacups are on the floor. There he was, standing sweatily in one corner near the foot of my bed, was P, with a smile and his puppy dog eyes.

I had the biggest smile, something that I never had for a long time.

surprise dinner

He was at my condo all along. He prepared dinner (I work at night, so it's my dinner) out of corned beef and buttered vegetables. with green tea for drinks. It was so sweet of him to do something like that. It was unexpected, it was sumptuous and filling, it was very sweet.

I was smiling all the while as we ate dinner. It felt great. I slept soundly with a smile.