Friday, August 27, 2010

Usagi's nervous Valentine

I finally found an english dubbed version of the live-action Sailormoon series! I have been watching a few episodes since I discovered its existence a few weeks ago. I can say that I do enjoy watching the series despite of the cheap special effects. The series is still funny with Usagi doing her trademark "sillyness" and the two cats (Luna and Artemis) are cute eventhough they are ridiculously presented in this version, and I mean ridiculous!

This episode is cute and quite sad at the same time... Cute because it's a "puppy-love" episode, it's Valentine's day! Sad, because in this version, Mamuro has a girlfriend. Aww... Poor Usagi. :-(

1/3 Watch as Artemis' eyes change.

2/3 What will you do to win the person you love even he likes or is already with somebody else?



  1. Consider me as one who enjoyed watching this.. with you :) Make-up! ;p

  2. Paborito ko yab! Sailormoon live!